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10 Best Apps To Learn Cooking On Android!


Though there are hundreds of cooking apps to choose from, these cooking apps are top-rated and highly recommended owing to their unique features and also ease of use. All these apps have made everything handy, easy to follow, and quick. These apps also try to make the cooking experience more creative and enjoyable. Cooking apps are truly helpful not only for beginners but also for regular cooks. From breakfast to dinner, you can count on their recipes as they all provide irresistible recipes. You just need to get into the kitchen and follow them without any ifs or buts. They will surely lend a helping hand in the kitchen through their recipes. 

- Updated: 13th Sep 2023, 15:28 IST
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    Top 10 Cooking Apps For Android
    • 1. Chef Tap
    • 2. Cookpad
    • 3. Kitchen Stories
    • 4. Kptncook
    • 5. Tasty
    • 6. Yummly
    • 7. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
    • 8. Paprika Recipe Manager 3
    • 9. BigOven
    • 10. My CookBook
    • 11. SuperCook
    • 12. Mealime
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    Conclusion – Best Apps To Learn Cooking

Cooking is the most satisfying activity that really explores our artistic skills. As we need some guidance in every task, the same lies with cooking. These days we can utilize our smartphones and laptops to look up a recipe for any cuisine.

A Step by step guidance makes us aware of whether what we are doing is right or not. Therefore, the following apps are very resourceful for perfecting this skill. These apps provide clear guidance to make your cooking experience exciting and easy. So, here are some of the Best Apps To Learn Cooking on Android.

Top 10 Cooking Apps For Android

Check out the cooking apps specifically designed for the android platform and which have gained huge recognition over time. So, let’s get started!

1. Chef Tap

Chef Tap

Chef tap is effortless to use and a great recipe app. It includes unlimited recipes and is a very well-organized app, as we can easily find recipes using tags, cuisines, and titles. Also, a unique feature of creating menus of things that you often cook (be it a recipe or individual item) is also available. You can also create duplicate recipes, i.e. make a copy of a recipe to try out new variations.

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The pantry organizer feature is of great help as it tracks what you have in stock. It is easy to keep your recipes here as you can keep them handy. The best part is that recipes here can also be clipped easily. You can also organise everything by keeping grocery lists separate for separate events. 

Download: Playstore 

2. Cookpad


You can quickly cook delicious food by using amazing recipes using the Cookpad app. Cookpad provides a vast collection of recipes from which you can select which one to try. Every recipe has been tried and tested by expert home cooks. 

The Cookpad app is highly recommended as it provides an option for sharing everything you cook just like you do on social media. Thus, you can get a variety of cooking ideas through this app. The categorization of items makes it easier to narrow down your choices. You can also upload pictures of your cooked recipes and share them with others. This simple gesture is the best way to inspire others to cook.

Download: Playstore 

3. Kitchen Stories

Best Apps to Learn Cooking : Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is Android’s next-best cooking app to fulfil our cooking needs! It provides drool-worthy and delicious recipes with step-by-step cooking and video instructions. Millions of users are already a part of it, and you can also make your cooking more fun by experiencing its features. Just set up your personal profile and save your favourite recipes to your personalized cookbooks.

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No need to panic; you can create a shopping list right here by choosing your recipe. You can easily get all the instructions from here. It provides new and delicious recipes every day, and also you can publish your own recipe to share them with other cooks out there. Also, you can upload a photo whenever your dish gets ready and share it with your friends. Moreover, you can rate and share your favourite recipes which you like the most. The best part about this app is that the app inspires you by giving some helpful regular tips and articles.  

Download: Playstore

4. Kptncook

kptncook best app cooking

From cooking new dishes to following food bloggers’ recipes, this app helps you cook healthily. It provides various healthy and vegan recipes. Also, it is a free cooking app, and your favourite recipe can be shared with your friends within a few clicks.

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As the recipes are added here regularly, recipes can be found easily by applying a filter of your choice. All your favourite recipes can be saved in a personal list as well. Also, step-by-step instructions for the recipe help in making the recipe more successful and tasty. You can even track how many recipes you have cooked, which will motivate you to try out more recipes. It also makes the work more convenient by helping in finding the nearest grocery store and telling us how much it will cost. Overall this is one of our favourite cooking apps for Android, do try this out.

Download: Playstore

5. Tasty

Tasty is a solution to all your cooking woes. It provides many amazing recipes with videos that make everything more straightforward. You can easily find new, delicious, and flavorful recipes here. For every recipe, proper step-by-step instruction is available to make your cooking experience more convenient.

You can save your recipes within the Tasty app so that you can view these later. Also, any vegetarian person can easily personalize the app per the vegetarian menu, hide all the recipes with meat, and even change them later. You can also get recommendations for the next meal according to the time of day. The Tasty app has innumerable recipes for different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert), and you can filter recipes according to your preference and comfort food. 

Download: Playstore

6. Yummly

yummly best app cooking

Yummly is one of the best recipe recommendation apps on the play store. Not only does it help you in giving great recipe ideas, but you can even learn from professionals. There are endless recipes with video tutorials, step by step instructions to make your cooking day a win. All the instructions are quite user-friendly, and you get all this cooking assistance free of cost.

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Search filters help provide perfect recipes for you as you can search according to cook time, techniques, and many more. Your pantry can also be easily managed as you cook within the app and show recommendations based on the recipe you are trying. As various new recipes are added regularly, you can easily collect and save your favourite recipes.

Download: Playstore

7. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

allrecipes dinner spinner best app

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a fantastic app for browsing some of the best recipes. You can choose this app for a huge list of fantastic recipes with detailed directions and available ingredients. You can pick ingredients and spin for recommendations, and you don’t need to think much about what to cook.

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The app is available free of cost, and you can also see which recipe ingredients are on sale nearby and cook that recipe in no time. You can even bookmark your favourite recipes for quick access anywhere and anytime. The app allows you to search for any recipe by just searching according to the available ingredients or the type of dish you want to make. There are easy-to-follow cooking directions available which make the entire process quite simplified.

Download: Playstore

8. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

paprika recipe manager 3 app

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 offers a great treasure of recipes from different cuisines. You can save them, create grocery lists, and organize your pantry. Also, a fantastic option for making your meal plans is available too. Thus, you can plan your meals according to your preference (daily, weekly, and monthly) and use the pantry to keep track of your items. Moreover, other recipes can also be imported from desktop and other mobile apps.

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Further, you can enjoy using the app by sharing all the recipes via email. You can even print the recipes and grocery list. The best part is that all recipes are offline accessible, which means no internet connection is required to view your recipes.

Download: Playstore

9. BigOven

bigoven app screen

BigOven is an excellent option for getting simple recipes with straightforward instructions. It lets you find rich seasonal recipes in its huge bundle. Moreover, you can search for new recipes or even something from BigOven’s recipes. Also, you can discover what your favourite bloggers and close friends are cooking.

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A grocery list can be created, too and different items are written on them and marked off by swiping as you shop. If you post a recipe, you are notified whenever there is a comment or a question on it. Lastly, you can also avail Pro membership by enjoying your ad-free cooking experience.

Download: Playstore

10. My CookBook

My cookbook app

My CookBook app is an easy to use app which provides you with an option to create your own digital cookbook. Thus, all your cooking inventions and favorite recipes can be easily stored here. You can also use the text to speech feature to read recipes, this comes in handy when you are cooking recipes in your kitchen. You can create a free or premium account on My CookBook and enjoy its great set of features. Moreover, you can create shopping lists in case you need something when buying any groceries. Also, the App theme and font size can be easily changed as per convenience.

11. SuperCook

SuperCook-Best Apps To Learn Cooking

The main purpose of this application is to discover recipes based on the ingredients you have available. Once you input your available ingredients, SuperCook generates a list of recipes that can be prepared using only those items. In cases where your ingredient list is too short or includes unconventional combinations, the app suggests recipes incorporating additional ingredients. If you’re missing any items, you can conveniently add them to the integrated shopping list. Moreover, any recipes you like within the app can be saved in the Favorites section.

SuperCook allows users to filter recipes by various criteria, including meal type, cuisine, dietary preferences, ratings, and cooking time. It offers a selection of 20 different cuisines, such as Thai, French, Asian, Caribbean, and Australian. The dietary options enable you to explore vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free recipes.

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12. Mealime

mealime-Best Apps To Learn Cooking

Mealime is a user-friendly application designed to assist in planning tasty and nutritious meals for the week. It simplifies the process of creating meal plans that align with your schedule, budget, and dietary preferences. The app boasts an extensive library of straightforward recipes curated for various diets, including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and more. However, access to recipes with a free account is limited, and to unlock exclusive new recipes each month, you’ll need to subscribe to Mealime Pro, a monthly subscription service. Subscribers gain additional benefits like the ability to add their own recipes, access nutrition information, utilize advanced recipe filters, and view their meal plan history.

Mealime offers a convenient grocery list generator and built-in shortcuts for online shopping at different supermarkets, streamlining the process of acquiring missing ingredients. You can also adjust the serving sizes in recipes to ensure they cater to everyone’s needs. The app’s step-by-step cooking instructions are neatly presented for effortless meal preparation. Moreover, it features a hands-free cooking mode, allowing you to progress to the next step by simply placing your hand on the top of your screen, eliminating the hassle of dealing with greasy phone screens.

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Conclusion – Best Apps To Learn Cooking

It’s a well-known fact that many individuals find the task of planning and preparing meals in the kitchen tedious. That’s where the aforementioned Android apps come to the rescue. Fortunately, these apps offer a convenient and accessible solution for discovering and saving recipes, organizing meal plans, and simplifying grocery shopping. Whether a cooking novice or an experienced chef, each app brings something unique, enhancing the overall cooking experience. Whether your goal is to eat more healthily, save time, or expand your culinary skills, there’s an app tailored to your needs.

So, if you’re tired of sifting through lengthy paragraphs of irrelevant information just to locate a recipe, or if you’ve ever forgotten to bookmark your favourite dishes, these cooking and recipe Android apps are worth a try. With any luck, you’ll come across an app that fulfils your culinary requirements and elevates your cooking adventures. Which app do you rely on for your go-to recipes?


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