Metaverse is a word that rattles the mind of everyone as it is said to be the next step into the advancement of the Internet and there is pool of best Metaverse game to play. It is said to be a bridge between the virtual and the digital world. Its creator doesn’t know how far…2023-01-09 02:43:564 Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023

4 Best Metaverse Games To Play in 2023


We are now living in such technologically advanced times that we are on the brink of witnessing a revolution in the gaming industry. With the introduction of Metaverse games, we are excited about how things pan out for the gaming world out there and what the future holds for our hardcore gamers.

Updated: 9th Jan 2023, 02:43 IST
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    Top Metaverse Games to play 
    • Zepeto 
    • Decantraland
    • Sandbox
    • Axie Infinity
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    How to play the Metaverse Games?
    • Net Connection
    • VAR Headset
    • Tablet or a Personal Computer
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Metaverse is a word that rattles the mind of everyone as it is said to be the next step into the advancement of the Internet and there is pool of best Metaverse game to play. It is said to be a bridge between the virtual and the digital world. Its creator doesn’t know how far their new technology will reach and popularity. It will grow year by year and will make visions look like a reality. The complex nature of Metaverse is a bold step that needs the world’s best minds to come together and make such the next level of games that people finally accept the fact that the future is here. In this article, we will talk about the best of the Metaverse games that are available for us right now to have a peek at what the future of the gaming world holds for us.

Metaverse, in simple terms, is an amalgamation of digital worlds that are intertwined. It is comprised of multiple applications and games that enable you to be a part of an online gaming community where you are represented as yourself through the help of an avatar.

This is said to be the biggest transition into the world of virtual reality and is said to be the next blockbuster across various ranges of gaming and virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta and giants like Microsoft are investing a ton of money into this world for research and development.

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Top Metaverse Games to play 

Metaverse is the talk of the hour in the digital world. There have been Sci-Fi movies, books and cinema based on the concept of Metaverse over the years. With movies like Ryan Reynold’s “Free Guy”, you can witness how cinema has tried to show the future of Metaverse. From dreaming about meeting your favourite superheroes from your childhood to having an exhilarating racing experience in an F1 while you chase lap after lap, the Metaverse has a whole range of potential stored in it.

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best metaverse games

But we need to keep in mind that this world of Metaverse and virtual reality has still a long way to go before we witness it in all of its glory. Some people are against the mixing up of the virtual world with our real world, but then there are tech fanatics who can’t wait to get their hands on the Metaverse games. While there are many Metaverse projects to launch soon, today, let’s look at the Metaverse games that have already made a concrete place in the gaming world.

Zepeto launched 3 years ago, and its stardom is so crazy that it has 250 million active users right now. In this Metaverse game, you can make your avatar the way you look in actual life and make contact with avatars of the players worldwide. You can create virtual things in this game and sell them into the game’s currency known as Zems. You can make as many Zems as you want and trade it in for real money.

There are users of this game who are making an absurd amount of money just by making the virtual things on this game and selling them in exchange for Zems.

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best metaverse games

This Metaverse game allows you to own virtual land and create your virtual habitat. Gamers are allowed to choose from a range of real estate that they can buy. The virtual land you buy in this game can be put up for rent. You can the virtual land for Cryptocurrencies.

Decentraland lets the users interact with other users. You can also visit the real estate of other users. The game makes its users gather through events that happen around the clock, and the avatars of such users can socialize all they want.

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best metaverse games

Sandbox is the most critical Metaverse game that has been made and is taking necessary steps towards developing virtual reality. In this game, you can make things, buy things, and even make money by doing trade. Even after this game is in its early stages of development, it is still a very prominent game in how it appeals to players through its gaming experience.

Sandbox enables you to have actual ownership as a creator of the things one made. It compensates you for the things you made in the form of NFTs(Non-Fungible Tokens). You get rewarded for participating in the game’s activities as well, making it an excelling Multiverse game to play.

Sandbox also allows players to create games on their own in the Metaverse. The game also comes equipped with a VoxEdit tool. VoxEdit tool lets you make the virtual assets you can sell in exchange for NFTs.

Axie Infinity

Axie Metaverse game

Axie Infinity is one of the popular Metaverse games in the gaming world. This game is loosely based on the Pokemon, and it allows its user to build a collection of Axie(like we have Pokemons that we collect) and let them battle with other user’s Axies. You can also go on a treasure hunt in this game. The Axies are mystical creatures having their own set of powers that can be used to defeat the Axies of other users of the game. You can get rewards in the form of NFTs for the battles that you win.

The NFTs that you win by the battles can be sold in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. If you are a big fan of Pokemon, then Axie Infinity is a must-try Metaverse game for you to play.

How to play the Metaverse Games?

There are many ways that you can play Multiverse games. But, you will still need a few basic stuff to have a peek at these games. Take a look at all the things you need to play Multiverse games:

Net Connection

Almost all the Multiverse games you find can only be played via an internet connection. So, it would help if you had a stable high-speed net connection to play the Metaverse games.

VAR Headset

To get the best out of any Metaverse game, we suggest you purchase a VAR Headset. We recommend buying the Oculus Quest 2 for the most engaging Metaverse gaming experience.

Tablet or a Personal Computer

If you are not getting a VAR Headset, the alternative would be to get a mid-range performance PC or a high-end tablet to play the Metaverse games.

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We can confidently say that people are waiting for a life-like gaming experience. The road to Metaverse gaming seems a far-fetched sight, but the gaming industry is indeed working upon its advancement. We hope to see how these technologies pan out and lead our future.

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