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How To Sell Your Used iPhone And How To Buy A Refurbished iPhone


Refurbished devices are fully functional & come with a lower price tag. However, before buying the refurbished device you need to do some research. Know more details about buying a refurbished iPhone here!

- Updated: 7th Sep 2023, 12:31 IST
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    Why Sell iPhones?
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    Selling Your iPhone
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    Buying Your iPhone

They say the best time of year to buy a used, refurbished iPhone is in the months of October to December. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of last year’s used iPhones in the market since everyone is rushing to buy the latest one launched by Apple.

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Why Sell iPhones?

Apple’s iPhones are quite expensive. This time especially, with the new iPhone 11. Plus, once a new iPhone lands, the price of the older iPhone models starts to go down making them considerably cheaper. That is why there are plenty of people that buy second-hand or refurbished units, as they’re definitely cheaper. Also, add in the fact that Apple’s track record has been quite excellent with software support, and investing in a two-year-old iPhone makes a lot of sense.

If you’re looking for a solid 64-bit iPhone that can be supported for another few years, your best option would be an iPhone X or iPhone 11. So how do you find a good deal on an iPhone?

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Selling Your iPhone

If you’re looking to sell your iPhone, look no further than Cashify. With Cashify, the prices offered are fair, and the steps involved are minimal. We’ve previously covered in detail how you can go about selling your phone here.
Once the sale is complete, your phone will be refurbished and sold back to prospective buyers in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. Now you, loaded with cash from Cashify, can add it to your next refurbished iPhone purchase. This brings us to the next section – buying your iPhone.

Buying Your iPhone

The best place to properly get a refurbished, functional iPhone is Cashify. We have a complete dedicated page which offers proper and certified Refurbished mobile phones. We value our customers and, therefore, will try and deliver the best service possible for you. In order to look up our stock and prices, head over to the Cashify Store now!

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We also have a dedicated page which offers outstanding refurbished iPhones. For more information related to refurbished devices, stay tuned!


Debashish Pasha Bairagi

3 Year ago
Refurbished iphones are a good option. However, if you want more value for money I believe you can opt for a more latest model. You can easily get a latest model by paying just a fraction of amount. And that's where the refurbished iphones could be a great choice. Visit to browse from a range of refurbished iphones.

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  • Selling your used iPhone and buying a refurbished iPhone can now be easily available.
  • With Cashify you can buy a refurbished iPhone in good condition.
  • Moreover, the article lets you know everything about the best place for buying & selling your old devices.