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We fix your mobile Proximity Sensor at your convenience

Onsite mobile Proximity Sensor replacement at your Doorstep. All our phone Proximity Sensor repairs comes with same day service and 7 day money-back guarantee. We use genuine parts and offer discounted prices. Now enjoy mobile phone Proximity Sensor replacements at your home or office by our expert technicians. Repair Now!

Cashify Repair offers you a 6-month warranty + 1-month breakage warranty on every mobile screen repaired/replaced by us from the date of invoice. We also provide 3 months warranty on all the other spare parts that we replace Please Note- No warranty applicable on Back Panel repair


The easiest way to check the proximity sensor on a phone is by making a call and putting your hand on the screen. If the screen goes black when your hand is close to it and comes back to normal when your hand is away, it means your proximity sensor is functional.
It's advised to seek professional help to fix your mobile phone proximity sensor. Cashify can fix it right at your home for you.
The easiest way to check the proximity sensor on a phone is by making a call and putting your hand on the screen. If the screen goes black when your hand is close to it and comes back to normal when your hand is away, it means your proximity sensor is functional.

Repair & Replacement Your Mobile Phone Proximity Sensor On Cashify

If your phone’s proximity sensor goes bad, it means that the display won’t automatically turn off. Fortunately, proximity sensor replacement is a quick and easy repair! If your phone’s display remains on when you put it on your cheek for a call, or if the display remains on when you put your phone in your pocket, it means that the proximity sensor is bad as it is supposed to automatically turn off the screen. People unfortunately see it as a display problem and start thinking of buying a new phone, when in reality this is a very inexpensive repair! How, you ask? Simple, through Cashify!

If you try to get cheap local repairs, then there’s always a risk of poor quality parts or getting your genuine parts stolen. However, you need not worry about this anymore. Mobile proximity sensor replacement costs will no longer bother you as Cashify has a robust solution for you. 

We have made the process of phone proximity sensor repair extremely easy and cost-effective for you, follow the steps below:

  • Head onto the Cashify website or  download our app

  • Go to the “Repair Phone” section

  • Select your phone’s manufacturer from the list of brands

  • Choose your phone model

  • Enter your phone number and OTP

  • Select “proximity sensor” from repair services

  • Schedule an appointment at your convenience

And that’s it! Fear not my friend, as Cashify is here to save you. We offer the best mobile proximity sensor replacement in India. Our expert technicians use only genuine parts. We guarantee that nothing in your phone is messed with, as the entire repair process is carried out in front of you. That’s right; you can get your mobile proximity sensor replaced at home or office within an hour! Instead of considering buying a new phone due to just this minor issue, you can get more life out of your current phone and thereby continue using it. A new proximity sensor will once again allow your display to turn off or on when it senses that the phone is against your cheek or in your pocket. Hence no more pocket dials and no more accidental call hang ups! You can once again continue using your phone peacefully. 

Further, all our phone proximity sensor repair services are offered at discounted rates, and we guarantee that you will not find better prices anywhere else, especially considering our 6-month warranty. The mobile proximity sensor replacement cost has never been more affordable. We also regularly publish  coupons on our website so you can utilise those codes and get even better prices! 

Customer Stories

  • Kiran Kumar Balusu
    Kiran Kumar Balusu(Hyderabad)

    Good service! Customer support was polite & technician was experienced too. Will recommend to others for sure.

    September 2, 2019
  • Anandha Raja
    Anandha Raja(Chennai)

    Very Nice service to get your mobile phone repaired at your door step. The engineer who visited my place was good, very polite and gave me the best service.

    November 22, 2019
  • Malolan Cadambi
    Malolan Cadambi(Bengaluru)

    One of the best services that i have come across in the digital industry for a basic need that i arising in every home as of today. Good job guys!

    January 10, 2020
  • Amitesh Gangiri (Bangalore)
    Amitesh Gangiri (Bangalore)(Bangalore)

    I really loved the Cashify repair Service. I placed for a friend and it was really good and the technician was on the location on the given time.

    March 18, 2016
  • Prasad
    Prasad (Delhi)

    Thank you Cashify for a service that so Excellent and smooth for the customers to get their mobile phone repaired

    March 3, 2020


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