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  • Answer:

    Rest assured, your phone will be in safe hands throughout the process. Please be informed that in order to thoroughly inspect the device, the pickup executive will have to take the tempered glass off your device. 

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  • Answer:

    All financed devices or devices purchased on EMI will only be eligible for sale once they are free from the installments. You will, however, have to share an NOC issued by the finance provider stating the same at the time of pickup.

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  • Answer:

    Just send the SMS “CHYSTOP” to 567678. On WhatsApp, reply STOP if you do not want to hear from us on Whatsapp.

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  • Answer:

    When you buy a gadget and sell it in a few days, please don’t expect an ‘almost original’ price for it, as the device now falls under the category of ‘used’. For a professional buyer, the product has already lost 25- 50% of its value when you bought it.

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  • Answer:

    All the tests that we do are listed here:

    IMEICalling CheckPressure sensorCamera burst testBluetooth
    WifiDevice age (auto)Touch Calibration3.5 mm JackBill
    BatteryDevice age (manual validation)Screen CheckFacial recognitionHeadphones
    Charging PortID lockScreen Physical ConditionBrand Lock / icloud lockCharger
    Front CameraDevice rootScreen FunctionalityScreen-lock or passwordBox
    Back CameraIs the operator locked
    Home buttonIs IMEI / TAC authentic
    Back buttonIs the device stolen

    Recent App buttonBill authenticity

    Volume buttonsWarranty status

    Power button

    Headphone Jack

    Fingerprint Sensor

    SIM tray

    SIM working


    Is processor / chipset authentic

    Receiver speaker

    Network – functional

    Network Supported Bands

    Additional Tests

    • Device Spin Test (To check if a phone, usually iPhone, is bent)
    • Battery Spin Test (To check is the battery is inflated)
    • Removing tempered glass to check if the screen is damaged
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  • Answer:

    Once a phone is sold to us, we refurbish it and rectify whatever issues it might have. Following which, we sell these devices to retailers so that they can be further sold to customers looking to buy second-hand devices.

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  • Answer:

    To uninstall the Cashify app from your Android smartphone:

    Head over to the settings menu on your Android smartphone.

    Enter the Apps section.

    1. Head over to the settings menu on your Android smartphone.
    2. Enter the Apps section.
    • Tap on Cashify, and then Uninstall.

    Alternately, if your phone permits, you could tap and hold the Cashify app on your app screen, and drag it to the Uninstall option that appears.

    To uninstall the Cashify app from your iOS device:

    1. Tap and hold on the Cashify app icon on your home screen.
    2. Tap the ‘X’ icon on the Cashify app, followed by Remove on the confirmation box that follows.
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  • Answer:

    All the features on the Cashify app are entirely free to the users and do not attract any charges.

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  • Answer:

    The Cashify app is available on both the Android & iOS platforms. It can be download for iOS from the App Store here, and for Android devices from the Google Play Store here.

    Android minimum requirements: 

    • Android 4.1 or later.
    • At least 15 MB of free storage space on the device.

    iOS minimum requirements:

    • iOS 9.0 or later.
    • At least 100 MB of free storage space on the device.

    *Please note that the Cashify app may not be available for iOS devices in certain locations for the time being.

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  • Answer:

    There’s no limitation on the Cashify app in terms of the amount of data you can transfer. It is only limited by:

    • The storage space on the receiver device
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