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Our Picks

  • What are the Best Methods to Get OPPO A15s Screen Fixed?
    There is no doubt that repairing OPPO smartphones is costly. If your OPPO is damaged in any way, you will have a tough time getting it fixed. Every OPPO screen features a high-quality display and colour calibration. This means that if the screen is damaged in any manner or begins to show faults, such as…
    23rd Mar 2023
  • 8 Ways to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working
    Instagram DMs is one of the most common ways user communicate and share content with their friends and family. But sometimes this feature stops working and the reason could be anything, from your device-specific issues to Instagram server downtime. Here are some tricks that can help fix Instagram DMs not working issues.
    23rd Mar 2023
  • The Hottest Deals On The OnePlus 8 Second Hand Are Here!
    Buying a second-hand smartphone can be a great way to save money while still getting a high-quality device. Imagine getting your favourite OnePlus phone at meager prices and in excellent condition. Sounds amazing right? If you’re in the market for a new phone, the OnePlus 8 is an excellent choice. And, with Cashify, you can…
    23rd Mar 2023
  • Great Deal On The OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Second Hand On Cashify
    How we wish we could buy our favourite phone from the OnePlus Nord series at a discount! Well, The OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G is one of the latest offerings from the popular brand. This device is packed with powerful features and is on everyone’s wishlist. While it is a high-quality device, it can…
    23rd Mar 2023
  • All About Buying The OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Second Hand From Cashify
    OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G is a popular smartphone that has become a favourite among users due to its impressive features and sleek design. However, not everyone can afford to buy a brand new phone, and that’s where second-hand phones come in handy. Buying a second-hand OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G from Cashify can be…
    23rd Mar 2023
  • How Can I Get My OnePlus 6T Mic Replaced?
    OnePlus 6T was launched in September 2018, around five years ago. Its performance is impressive. But prolonged use can cause mic problems in your smartphone. So if your mic is not working, we might have the best solution for you. One of the best solutions is the Cashify doorstep repair service at an affordable price;…
    23rd Mar 2023
  • Where Can I Sell Old iPhone 11 Pro? Best Upgrade Options
    On September 20, 2019, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro was launched with impressive camera performance and Best-in-class performance. This smartphone worked very well in the earlier stages of its release. However, this gadget became outdated due to low-resolution display and outdated portrait mode. Now is the time to upgrade your iPhone 11 Pro to a…
    22nd Mar 2023
  • Where Can I Sell Old Apple iPhone 12 Pro? Best Upgrade Options
    In 2020, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro was released. It has been almost three years since its release, and you must have noticed how antiquated your smartphone has grown. However, we sometimes assume that our gadget is not so outdated and may function similarly to other models; after all, they are all smartphones. As new…
    22nd Mar 2023
  • Here’s How You Can Get Your OnePlus 5 Back Panel Replaced in A Budget
    The OnePlus 5 is a high-end device with a variety of outstanding features. Along with having a display protection glass, it includes a waterproof and dustproof shell. Its excellent performance all over the range makes the product one of the best choices for Apple lovers. But what is a phone with a damaged back panel?…
    22nd Mar 2023
  • What Is CEIR? Top 10 Facts You Cannot Miss To Avoid Phone Theft
    CEIR, or the Central Equipment Identity Register, is the database for mobile systems that keeps information on all the mobile registered with the given identifiers. These days it is one of the common ways to keep track of your smartphones and mobile devices. As it is one of the buzzing topics that might have already…
    21st Mar 2023

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  • Samsung Galaxy A54 And Samsung Galaxy A34 Live Commerce Event Starts Today
    Samsung Galaxy A54 And Samsung Galaxy A34 Live Commerce event started today by the Korean tech giant Samsung. During this event, the company provided early access to Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and Samsung Galaxy A34 5G smartphones. It is to be noted that this sale will be live only till March 24, 12 AM. The…
  • Moto G Stylus 2023 Specifications And Image Leaked; Know Features Before Launch
    Motorola is going to launch a new G-series phone soon. The name of this Android Phone will be Motorola Moto G Stylus 2023. This handset has recently been spotted on the certification site FCC certification and Geekbench. Recently its renders have also surfaced. In such a situation, information about the Moto G Stylus 2023 specifications…
  • Realme GT Neo 5 SE Launch Date Announced; Will Enter With These Powerful Features
    A Realme’s famous phone, Realme GT Neo 5 SE launch date has been announced. This smartphone is going to be launched in the next month i.e. April. If media reports are to be believed, users will get a 100W fast charging support battery in the upcoming mobile. Apart from this, features like an AMOLED display…
  • Oppo Find N2 Flip Sold Out Within First Week Of Sale In India; Know More
    If we talk about foldable smartphones, then without any doubt the name Samsung comes to the fore. Samsung is the largest foldable smartphone brand in India. However, now Oppo Find N2 Flip has come into competition with Samsung’s foldable smartphone because Oppo Find N2 Flip sold out within the first week of sale in India…
  • iQOO Z7 Series Launched In India With Great Features; Know The Price
    The iQOO Z7 series launched in China by the smartphone company IQ. iQOO Z7 5G and iQOO Z7x mobile phones have been launched under this lineup. These are the latest entrants to the iQ0O Z-series and succeed the iQOO Z6 5G from last year. Smartphones have an LCD. Apart from this, the new handsets get a strong processor and…
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Tips & Tricks

  • 8 Ways to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working
    Instagram DMs is one of the most common ways user communicate and share content with their friends and family. But sometimes this feature stops working and the reason could be anything, from your device-specific issues to Instagram server downtime. Here are some tricks that can help fix Instagram DMs not working issues.
    23rd Mar 2023
  • Tips To Improve Hard Drive Performance
    Hard Disc Drives (HDDs) are among the most commonly used types of computer storage. People used them for a very long period as a medium to store files, media, documents, and other kinds of data. But did you realize that the efficiency of your hard drive impacts the efficiency of your entire system? You see,…
    10th Mar 2023
  • 7 Best Website To Download Tamil Movies For Free
    Tamil movies have gained quite a good amount of popularity in the last few years. They are action-packed and filled with nail-biting drama. But where to find and download tamil movies? Here are a few websites that will help you.
    10th Mar 2023
  • Prepare 30 Instagram Reels Quickly To Wow Your Audience With These Apps!
    In today’s time, rarely would we find someone who is unaware of the Instagram reel. In fact, many social media platforms have brought this concept into being to attract a large audience to their platform. This includes social media giants like Facebook. Taking cognisance of the popularity of reels, we hereby introduce you to some…
    9th Mar 2023
  • 7 Best Unique Font Changer Websites
    The one thing missing from all social networking platforms besides profiles and media sharing is styling, without which all your content may come off as a little boring. In order to emphasize particular areas, it would be good to add some flair, such as a flourish of italics, a sprinkle of bold text, or underlining.…
    5th Mar 2023

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