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    • Top 5 Best Free PDF Readers You Should Be Using
      After 25 years, PDFs are one of the main types of documents on the internet used to share information. In this article, we have listed down some of the best free PDF readers. So, whether you are trying to access your contract or an eBook, you will easily open it. However, the problem is that…
      21st Oct 2021
    • Get Your Realme 5 pro Screen Repaired At Your Doorstep
      On 20th August 2019 Realme five pro first entered Indian markets. Launched with three variants of 4GB RAM with 64GB storage, 6GB RAM with 64 GB storage and 8GB RAM with 128GB storage was in very high demand. It had an amazing build quality and hardware design but sometimes luck happens to be against us…
      21st Oct 2021
    • Is It the Right Time To Sell Your Old Apple iPhone 11?
      Bored of your friends telling you that your phone is old? Tired of fighting them that your phone is still the best? Well, if you have got an Apple iPhone 11, we have some bad news for you. Even though it was a great phone when launched, your Apple iPhone 11 has become quite outdated…
      21st Oct 2021
    • Best Place To Sell Your Old Samsung Galaxy J7 And Get Excellent Buyback Value
      Samsung Galaxy J7 was launched in 2016. It has been 5 years since its launch and hence, it must obvious to even you how your phone must have become outdated. However, at times, we continue to believe that maybe our phone is not that outdated and can work just like other models, after all, they…
      20th Oct 2021
    • Secretum – The Blockchain Based Messaging App You Should Know About
      In this article, we will talk about something exciting that has come into the market: the Secretum app. Wondering as to what is it? This is a blockchain-based messaging app that has been unveiled recently. Messaging apps have now become part and parcel of our daily lives. Almost everyone is now using apps like WhatsApp,…
      20th Oct 2021
    How to sell your phone on Cashify?Sell your old phone at Cashify. Check your old phone's value in just 60 seconds
    How to Change iPhone 7 Battery at HomePhone broke down? Now get repair repaired at your doorstep using Cashify Repair

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    • How to do Diwali Event in BGMI – Easy Step by Step Guide
      BGMI short for Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular online mobile battle royal games in the world. For BGMI, Krafton is celebrating the Indian festival of Diwali with a new event with rewards and discounts. These rewards are only accessible to Indian BGMI players and can be used throughout the festive season. 7799905995…
      20th Oct 2021
    • Top 10 Best Online PC Games to Get You A Competitive Rush
      Prefer the competitive thrill of playing against a real human over an AI-powered enemy? This top best online PC games list curated by Cashify is just for you. We are about to cover the Top 10 Online Games for PC in 2021! All the games on this list have an online multiplayer and are available…
      20th Oct 2021
    • The Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions That Extend Your Browser’s Utilities!
      Google Chrome continues to be one of the most popular internet browsers in history, partly due to its performance, and partly due to unparalleled utility. The Chrome Web Store is a giant, growing library of cool extensions and utilities that make personalizing your Chrome a seamless and productive experience. This handy listicle by Cashify brings you the…
      20th Oct 2021
    • Top 10 iPhone Games of 2021 That You’ll Love Playing on Your New iPhone 13!
      The next generation of iPhones are packing some great hardware, and aside from multitasking and managing your day to day, these devices are great for gaming! You may be itching to try out some worthy games for your new iPhone, and this listicle by Cashify is exactly for that. Here are our Top 10 picks…
      19th Oct 2021
    • Top 10 Offline Multiplayer Games With LAN Options to Play With Friends
      Low on data, have poor internet, or find online multiplayer laggy and glitch-ridden? Thus, you probably looked for games with Offline Multiplayer that you could play with your friends. Your search has brought you to this article by Cashify featuring 10 Offline Multiplayer LAN Games! This listicle will keep you and your friends entertained for…
      19th Oct 2021

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