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    • AC Buying Guide 2022 | How To Make The Right Choice!
      AC has become a necessity for the people of India. With so many different brands available in the market, with a different set of features, sizes and more, it becomes pretty tough to decide which features are necessary and which ones are best suited for our needs. To solve this, here is a complete air…
      13th Aug 2022
    • 5 Best All-In-One Printers in India August 2022
      All-in-one printers provide maximum flexibility, regardless of whether you have a home office or various printing requirements within your household. The best multifunction printers, also known as all-in-one printers, are made to print, copy, scan, and even act as a fax machine, all while taking up much less room than utilising three or four separate…
      12th Aug 2022
    • How To Register Online For Har Ghar Tiranga & Get Certificate?
      We are just a couple of days away from celebrating the 75th year of India’s Independence, on August 15, 2022. To take part in celebrating this special day, you can register online for Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign. This allows you to get your hands on a Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate that showcases your patriotism. The…
      11th Aug 2022
    • 7 Best Government Apps To Try This Independence Day 2022
      India’s 75th Independence Day is right around the corner. On this day of freedom, India is set to celebrate the growth and progress that our nation has witnessed in several decades. Part of this progress is integrating technology into the workings of the country on a grand scale. Since the Modi government’s rise in power…
      11th Aug 2022
    • Photo Printer: Everything You Need To Consider
      Investing in a photo printer is not only convenient, but eventually, it can save your hard-earned money on reproduction costs. Of course, in the short run, you will feel you are spending lots of bucks to buy a decent photo printer, but, in the long run, you will experience its benefits. Once you have decided…
      11th Aug 2022
    How to sell your phone on Cashify?Sell your old phone at Cashify. Check your old phone's value in just 60 seconds
    How to Change iPhone 7 Battery at HomePhone broke down? Now get repair repaired at your doorstep using Cashify Repair

    Tips & Tricks

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    • Best WhatsApp Stickers To Try This Janmashtami
      One of the most popular messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp is essential in countries like India. This is because users in India rely on the app to send wishes during important occasions and festivals and communicate with their friends and family. Due to social isolation and safety precautions, holiday celebrations and traveling around the…
      13th Aug 2022
    • How To Get Verified On Facebook?
      Facebook verification is important for brands and public figures or anyone that separate themselves from the crowd and get the blue checkmark for authenticity. Here is a guide that will help you through the process of getting you page verified on Facebook.
      2nd Aug 2022
    • 10 New Features Included In Telegram Premium
      Telegram has announced its paid premium membership with the aim to help run the platform and develop it further. If users buy the premium membership of the platform they can get access to some of the new features that were not previously available.
      27th Jul 2022
    • How To See The First Post You Liked On Instagram?
      Most users are unaware of Instagram's "Your Activity" feature that keeps that of everything you do on the platform. The feature also lets you see the first ever post that you have liked on Instagram. And here is a guide to view the first post that you liked on Instagram. 
      27th Jul 2022
    • How To Get More Subscribers On Youtube?
      YouTube creators have seen a huge boom in the last couple of years. More and more creators are joining the platform to showcase their talent and build their audience. We have a few tips for all those creators out there that will help you gain more subscribers for your channel.
      27th Jul 2022

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