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Undoubtedly the most comprehensive way of knowing about a phone is through a detailed smartphone review. Have you ever purchased a phone just because it looked appealing but later realised that it has various shortcomings that are incredibly hard to ignore? You can prevent this by looking up the latest Indian mobile reviews on Cashify before buying it! 

We strive to ensure that you are consistently up to date with the latest smartphone reviews. As soon as a phone comes out, our reviewers get right on the case and start reviewing every detail of the phone. In our vividly detailed smartphone reviews, we make sure to cover the following:

  1. Its price in India, different variants, and availability
  2. All contents present in the box
  3. A detailed list of specifications
  4. The overall design and build quality along with materials used
  5. Display’s performance in various settings
  6. Performance under light, heavy, and mixed loads
  7. The Operating System and User Experience
  8. Cameras performance in multiple light scenarios
  9. Battery life
  10. Security and Connectivity options

We have compiled this meticulous list to ensure that our readers can get a wholesome idea of any phone they are considering purchasing. Because we realise that everyone does not have the same use of a phone. Someone who loves smartphone photography would prioritise a detailed camera review. In contrast, someone who is a heavy gamer will seek benchmarks for the latest games. A technophile loves reading latest mobile reviews and finding out about the latest innovations in smartphone technology. All these different expectations can only be satisfied by a thorough smartphone review that completely goes over every detail with a sharp focus ignoring any biases. 

The best part of smartphone reviews is that it helps you know about the in-hand experience of new features. Sure FaceID looks fancy, but is it truly secure? Maybe a thin phone is desirable, but what about its battery life? Is a higher refresh rate worth the price? All such questions can only be answered by someone who can offer the latest mobile reviews as soon as the phone is out, something which is a matter of pride for us here at Cashify. 

We recognise that our readers would only like the best bang for their buck. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money on a mediocre or underperforming phone, especially now that there is such a vast variety of options available. Our smartphone reviews help you cut the clutter and only focus on phones worth your time. We ensure that you’re aware of every boon and bane of the latest noteworthy phones. 

So the next time you are in the market for a new phone, make sure to hop onto the Cashify website and look up our latest smartphone reviews under the “Find New Phone” section. We look forward to helping you choose your new phone with us! 

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    Here is a quick review of the Xiaomi's flagship Mi 10T Pro summed up in just 2 minutes.
    16th Dec 2020
  • Vivo V20 First Impressions and Quick Review
    Vivo V20 is a mid-range smartphone, which is an impeccable deal from the brand and starts in India at a price of Rs.24,990.
    13th Oct 2020
  • Oppo F17 Pro Quick Review in 2 Minutes
    Oppo F17 Pro, reportedly, the sleekest smartphone has launched in India at a price of Rs.22,990.
    2nd Sep 2020

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    25th Apr 2021
  • OnePlus 9 vs OnePlus 8T | What Has Changed And Should You Really Upgrade?
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