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Acer H Series 4K TV Review – Best Value-For-Money Smart TV In India


Today we will review the Acer H Series 4K TV, a great option for anyone looking for a smart TV for their home around 25K. Let’s dive into the review and learn more about the display, audio and performance of the TV.

- Updated: 7th Jul 2023, 15:24 IST
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    Acer H Series 4K TV Design
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    Acer H Series 4K TV Sound
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    Acer H Series 4K TV Display
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    Acer H Series Remote
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    Performance and Software
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    Should you buy the Acer H-Series Smart TV 4K 43-inch?

The smart TV experience is not anymore new to the Indian audience, where more than a dozen brands have entered India with their smart TV line-up in the past 2 years. Acer is one such brand that has brought fresh new bread dubbed as H Series 4K TV to India, which is the highlight of this review.

Its 4K TV offering starts from 43-inch and goes up to 55-inch, whereas the pricing commences from as low as Rs 29,999 to as high as Rs Rs 47,999. Acer promises a magnificent experience and flawless viewing angles on its all-new H-Series Smart TVs.

Having said that, when Acer sent over their H Series 4K Smart TV for review, I must say I was intrigued. According to the brand, they offer an unparalleled immersive audio setup, which is the claim that I would like to put to the test.

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Acer H Series 4K TV Design

The Acer H Series 4K TV looks pretty impressive from the front. This frameless border design gives it a distinctive look. What it means is that you will see an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio without any obstruction of the frame. This edge-to-edge experience feels extraordinary, to say the least. There are no bezels on the top, left, or right.

Acer H Series 4K TV Design

Notably, there’s a thin strip at the bottom that houses the logo, but it’s pretty non-intrusive. I have hung it on the wall, but if you want to use the stands, I tried that as well, and they won’t wobble, it feels sturdy.

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Acer H Series 4K TV Sound

You must be under the impression that a Smart TV can’t offer a sound-thumping experience with that tiny speaker output. But the story is completely different here on Acer H-Series. It comes with massive 60W downward-firing speakers that are possibly the loudest speaker system I’ve seen in any Smart TVs so far.

ACER H Series 43-inch 4K TV sound quality

This is why this unique 4-speaker system brings a 20 per cent bigger cavity. Thus, able to deliver an unparalleled immersive audio experience as advertised. It’s an industry-disrupting feature if you ask because sound experience matters a lot to end users. On top of it, the Dolby Atmos tech certification ensures an immersive experience.

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Acer H Series 4K TV Display

The sound is great but all that matters is the viewing experience, is the picture any good? So, this 43-inch 4K display comes with a 178-degrees viewing angle, which is great. My one problem with similarly priced Smart TVs was the poor viewing angle. Somehow, Acer has managed to fix that issue and I noticed viewing angles were great during my review period as well.

ACER H Series 43-inch 4K TV display quality

Now, as for the colour accuracy on the wide colour gamut support, it is as good as it can get in all the modes available like standard, vivid, game, or sport. You can tweak a lot of minute display settings such as Gamma and Colour temperature. Acer gives you a very comprehensive White Balance correction. If you plan to hook your PC to the TV, essentially you’ll get all the options you need to get picture settings right.

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That said, what’s particularly appealing to me was the deep black levels as compared to any other smart TVs in this range. Which helps the colour in the foreground pop out beautifully. Especially in a test video like Netflix’s Our Earth documentary, where the colourful amphibians look gorgeous. With this kind of colour production, Acer is definitely punching more weight than any others in picture quality.

ACER H Series 43-inch 4K TV

On top of HDR10+ and HLG, the Acer Smart TV comes with a Dolby Vision certification, which essentially upscales the dynamic range of the panel. Offering more depth and details, thereby enhancing the realism and viewing experience. Notably, the standard HDR content looks good and is supported on apps like Netflix and Prime. Overall, the display experience is absolutely amazing on this.

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Acer H Series Remote

As for the remote, it is kind of fancy and comes with chrome navigational buttons. I like the tapered design, which allows excellent gripping since it slims down at the pointing area and gets fat where you hold it.

The button’s layout is fine with good enough spacing between them. You get a click square, a power button, and a mute button as well, which is generally missing on 1st-Gen Fire TV remotes.

ACER H Series 43-inch 4K TV remote

The hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and Hotstar made sense to me, as these are the 4 popular platforms that I use to watch content. There is a dedicated Google Voice Control button sandwiched between buttons. Notably, you get a dedicated keyboard button as well, which comes in handy when you often want to type small titles. While for longer titles or search terms, I’d prefer Google Voice Assistant.

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Performance and Software

Acer uses stock Android on this H-Series TV with no bloatware whatsoever. And that is the brilliant way to go about it. You’d want to keep a minimal amount of apps on any smart TV. It’s a very clean experience as far as the software is concerned.

It’s Android 11 in case you were wondering. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how many years of updates it will be getting. Smart TV brands generally don’t provide software updates, unlike smartphones.

ACER H Series 43-inch 4K TV software

Speaking about the performance of this Smart TV, I’ve had no issues, it ran smoothly at all intervals of my binge-watching sessions over the review period. It is powered by a Cortex A55 Quad-core processor, which is as top-notch as it can get in this price range for Smart TVs.

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Should you buy the Acer H-Series Smart TV 4K 43-inch?

For Rs 25,999, When we are living in an era of smart displays everywhere, a 4K Smart TV of 43-inch seems to do the trick for amazing entertainment in your hall, it’s a small price to pay for such an experience. There is little to no competition in terms of audio quality as well. H-Series tech looks promising and provides a clean UI on top of smooth audio-visual performance.


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