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Can I reschedule my pickup?

If you’d like to reschedule your pickup:

  • Login to your Cashify account on the web or the app, and head over to the Orders section.
  • Select your pending order.
Reschedule pickup cashify step 1

Click/Tap on Reschedule, and select your desired date and time slot. Please provide additional information under the Reason For Reschedule heading, and leave us a comment if you’d like, and hit Submit.

Reschedule pickup cashify step 2

If Cashify has rescheduled your order without a request being raised from your end:

  • It may be because we may not have received communication from you confirming the pickup. A lack of confirmation can occur due to an incorrect mobile number provided on your Cashify profile, or if you have been unreachable.

Cashify may also reschedule orders due to operational issues. Please get in touch with the support team by chatting with us, or emailing us at, and we’d be happy to assist.