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What does the Voucher payment option mean?

If you would like to receive the payment for your phone in the form of Amazon Gift Card, select the Voucher payment method.  Cashify will then share voucher codes with you after a successful sale.

The value of these vouchers can be loaded on to your account on Amazon. Voucher payout values may be higher than that of other payment options, and you will be paid the entire amount via the voucher. For example, if you sell your smartphone for Rs 10,000 and select a voucher with an extra 7% value, you will receive a voucher worth Rs 10,700.

After the agent is satisfied with the state of the device and the condition is verified, the amount is paid via a transfer of the voucher to your registered email address. There are other payment options too – such as cash and wallets – supported by Cashify.

To confirm the transaction, Cashify will text an OTP (one-time password) to your registered mobile number for confirmation. The voucher is then sent to your mobile number. Please provide a valid mobile number.