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What does my Cashify Repair warranty cover?

Cashify Repair’s warranty covers a variety of issues with your replaced screen such as:

  • Dead pixels
  • Discolouration
  • Touch issues

Accidental damage is not covered under warranty. This includes:

  • Mishandling that may have caused the frame of your smartphone to bend
  • Damage due to water
  • Accidental or purposeful drops
  • Software issues on your device unrelated to the screen repair
  • Any kind of damage that is not caused by Cashify Repair after the repair is done

Pre-existing conditions/issues on your smartphone are also not covered under the warranty. These include:

  • Water damage
  • Jailbroken devices (iPhones) or rooted devices (Android)
  • Manufacturing defects

Any kind of functionality issue with the spare parts are covered under the warranty. Please note only functionality is covered and no kind of damage to the part will be covered under this. Moreover, warranty on Batteries will differ from model to model based on mAh Capacity and Device specifications.