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What is the warranty offered on Cashify Repair’s repairs? How can I claim it?

Cashify Repair offers various kinds of warranties and guarantees on the repair services they offer:

1. Six (6) months warranty on screen repair,

2. Three months warranty on other spare parts repair,

3. Cashify also offers a week-long (7-days) money-back guarantee.

Cashify Repair exclusively uses internally tested and graded parts designed to work at par with original parts from your smartphone manufacturer. The technician or expert from Cashify will test and let you use the repaired phone before the repair process is completed.

To claim your warranty you can write to with the service details and the invoice delivered to you at the repair time. If you need further assistance, call the Cashify Repair customer service team on 7290068900. If you haven’t received your invoice, check out this section: Terms & Conditions.