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Buy Apple iPhone 14 Plus Second Hand In India For The Best Price Ever!


Second hand or refurbished phones still have good longevity and can be a terrific way to save a chunk of money. Continue reading to learn more about these second hand devices.

- Updated: 15th Apr 2024, 17:45 IST
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    Refurbished Devices Vs Second hand: Which One Will Be The Right Choice?
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    Benefits of buying used iPhone 14 Plus through Cashify
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    Buy second-hand Apple iPhone 14 Plus through Cashify
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    Apple iPhone 14 Plus Specifications
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    Final thoughts

Want to buy a smartphone with high-end features but have a limited budget? Now worry not! Your wish will be fulfilled by simply exploring the options like second hand or refurbished mobile phone. The consumers purchase these used smartphones and then send them back to the manufacturer to be sold once more.

Moreover, everyone in India is now well aware of the concept of refurbished phone; it allows us to buy high-end phones for a much lower price without any issues. Additionally, both the environment and the wallet benefit from used device purchases. Here are some tips for utilising Cashify to shop wisely for iPhone 14 Plus second hand without risking your security.

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Refurbished Devices Vs Second hand: Which One Will Be The Right Choice?

Both devices are pre-owned. However, you can go for the refurbished devices compared to the second hand devices in the market. Check out the reasons why you should go with refurbished devices instead of second hand devices here.

  1. Refurbished smartphones differ from used ones because they have been examined and updated, while second-hand smartphones will be sold to the buyer without any modification.
  2. Refurbished products do undergo several inspections for safety and functionality, and accordingly, the necessary parts for replacements or repairs are done.
  3. At last, the data from the old phone is erased, and the device is put on reset mode.
  4. Even the most recent software version has been set up on the device.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for refurbished devices. It will be an excellent option for many of you to buy the phone of your dreams at the lowest rates. In addition, a six-month warranty will also be provided to the customers.

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Benefits of buying used iPhone 14 Plus through Cashify

  1. Dependable and Trustworthy platforms: It is the ideal spot for purchasing and selling your old devices.
  2. Best repair services: This platform offers the best repair and equipment repair services at reasonable rates.
  3. Hassle-free services: You’ll get paid right away for the devices(smartphones, laptops etc) you sell on Cashify. Additionally, picking up agents does not require additional expenses.

Buy second-hand Apple iPhone 14 Plus through Cashify

Cashify is the most reputable and secure place to purchase a pre-owned Apple iPhone 14 Plus. You can follow these three easy steps to buy a used Apple iPhone 14 Plus.

  1. Install the Cashify app first via the Google play store if you’re an Android user.
  2. Register and fill in your details.
  3. Head over to Cashify’s Refurbished Smartphones page.
  4. Now, choose the model name after selecting the brand name.
  5. In this case, you had to type RApple iPhone 14 Plus.
  6. In the end, you’ll be redirected to Apple iPhone 14 Plus-Refurbished product page.
  7. The refurbished Apple iPhone 14 Plus will cost around ₹50,899 with a six-month warranty.

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus Specifications


Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Apple iPhone 14 Plus
Hexa Core (3.23 GHz, Dual core, Avalanche + 1.82 GHz, Quad core, Blizzard)Apple GPU (Five-core graphics)
457 ppi, OLED1284 x 2778 pixels
3840x2160 @ 24 fps, 1920x1080 @ 30 fpsSingle, 12MP
Wireless ChargingFast, 20W

One of the most liked features of the Apple iPhone 14 Plus is its massive Super Retina XDR display. In addition, brilliant whites and accurate blacks are produced with great contrast thanks to OLED technology. Every detail seems clear and close to natural, thanks to high resolution and colour fidelity.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Also, you can get this amazing device with high-end features at Rs 50,899 via Cashify.

Final thoughts

Knowing where to buy refurbished iPhones in the most dependable manner should make it easier for you to get the device that will best suit your demands. In order to prevent having your device stolen or misplaced, it’s highly recommended to get it from trusted providers.

Additionally, 32 quality tests must be completed on these used smartphones before they are listed for sale. These used phones will also be in excellent condition and completely functional after passing quality assurance checks.

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