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  • Answer:The data transfer feature requires you to meet the following criteria: Both devices should be Android devices.Both your devices should be within 100-150 meters of each other.You should have the latest version of the Cashify app installed on both devices.You should have Wi-Fi Direct enabled on both devices. If they are disabled, head over to…read more

  • Answer:The Cashify app is not available for iOS. It is currently only available on Android smartphones and tablets. To transfer data from your iOS device, we recommend using Apple’s iCloud backup more

  • Answer:Follow the below steps to use the Data Transfer feature in the Cashify App: Install and run the Cashify app on both your smartphones.Hit the sidebar menu on the left, and tap on the Data Transfer option.The Data Transfer screen should show up. Click ‘Transfer Now’, and pick whether you’re the receiver or sender on…read more

  • Answer:The Cashify app for Android features data transfer capabilities as well. You can use it to transfer data from your older device to your new one using the Cashify app on both the phones. It allows for the transfer of Contacts, Accounts, Documents, Messages, Photos, Video and Audio more

  • Answer:Please drop an email to with the subject “Cashify Partnership”. We will then get in touch with you as soon as more

  • Answer:If you’re an individual (or a corporate entity) looking to trade in second-hand devices, check out Cashify’s model, or simply buy devices in bulk from Cashify. The marketplace is Cashify’s core businesses – which connects customers selling old devices with our partners who are looking to buy second-hand devices. Cashify provides you the devices and the…read more

  • Answer:To delete your Cashify account, please write to the Cashify customer care at, and we’d be happy to assist you in the removal of your account. If you’d like to uninstall the Cashify app from your smartphone, please head over to this more

  • Answer:The signup process at Cashify is straightforward and can be completed on both the app and the website. On the website:  Go to the top right corner and click login.Enter your mobile number. You will then be asked to enter in your username and your email address.An OTP will be generated that will you will need…read more

  • Answer:As soon as you open the Cashify app, the main page will greet you with the device you have logged in with. Below it, you will see the brand and model mentioned, along with the price your device can be sold for.If that is not the device you intend to sell, you can either swipe…read more

  • Answer:The process of navigating on the Cashify website is easy and straightforward: Visit the Cashify website. On the homepage, you will see device categories for your selection.Select the device category – such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet, gaming console, TV and iMac.Select the brand of your device, followed by the model name.Cashify will then request…read more