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  • Answer:There are multiple ways to get in touch with Cashify Customer Support team: On the web: Click on the dotted menu icon on the top right, followed by Contact Us.The best way to get a hold of us via chat, via track your order.read more

  • Answer:If you have questions related to your order, please head over to the Order FAQs.If you have queries on payments, please head over to the Payments FAQs.If you’d like to understand how referrals work, check out the Referral FAQs.To know when your device or location may be listed on Cashify, check out the Inquiry FAQs.To…read more

  • Answer:Your referral amount will be credited to your Paytm account instantly after your referral completes their first transaction using your referral code. Cashback delays or failures could occur if KYC or minimum-KYC has not been completed on your Paytm account. For any questions, please drop an email to Cashify customer care at support@cashify.in. Your referral bonus…read more

  • Answer:Earn more by referring.  Refer your friends and family to sell their devices on  Cashify, and you can earn Rs. 150/- into your Paytm account. This feature is available on both the Cashify apps (iOS and Android). Here’s how it works: Simply head over to the side menu on your Cashify app, and tap Refer…read more

  • Answer:On the Cashify app: Open the side-menu and tap Refer & Earn.On the referral screen that follows, tap the My Earnings section.This page will display all your successful referrals, along with the referral amounts earned and the date of these earnings.read more

  • Answer:At the moment, Cashify supports Paytm, Airtel Payments Bank as Wallet payment options. We’ll incorporate more wallet options soon.read more

  • Answer:This is a computer generated receipt that’s sent to the email address you have provided on your Cashify profile after the sale is complete. If you have not received a receipt from us after the sale, head over to this section to diagnose why that might be.read more

  • Answer:The Wallet payment method involves Cashify making the payment for your used device to an electronic wallet account selected by you at the time of placing the order. Wallet accounts may be identified by your email address and/or phone number. After the agent is satisfied with the state of the device and its condition is…read more

  • Answer:If you would like to receive the payment for your phone in the form of Amazon Gift Card, select the Voucher payment method.  Cashify will then share voucher codes with you after a successful sale. The value of these vouchers can be loaded on to your account on Amazon. Voucher payout values may be higher…read more

  • Answer:Using coupons, you can earn extra money for selling your device. This will be paid via the payment method you select (Instant Cash, Bank Transfer, Vouchers, Wallets) Coupons are redeemed by entering coupon codes on the order page once you are shown the price quote for your device.Feed in the coupon code in the coupon…read more