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How To Close Your Paypal Account Permanently? Here’s A Quick Guide


PayPal is a great platform for business as well as personal use. You can choose PayPal to make online transactions from anywhere in the world. But leaving your PayPal account unattended if you are not using it opens up for a lot of financial risks. Here’s a guide on how you can close your PayPal Account permanently.

- Updated: 22nd Dec 2021, 15:20 IST

PayPal is a free online platform built for sending and receiving money globally. While you may have used your account a few times since you opened it, if you are not going to use it in the future you may want to delete/close it for multiple reasons. 

There are a lot of new platforms like Stripe and Venmo which you may have switched over. It is possible that your account may have been hacked or your account is your business that is no longer active or you simply planned to open a new account under a different email address so it is time to delete your old dormant PayPal account.

Whatever your reasons may be, deleting a personal account is the same as deleting a business account but here are some of the important things that you should know before closing the account. Also, one thing that you should pay attention to is that if you decide to create a new account under the same email address, all transaction history from the old account will be deleted forever. Here is a guide on things you should pay attention to before deleting your PayPal account from the PayPal website.

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What to know before deleting your PayPal account

close paypal account

The first and most obvious thing to do is to check if you have any money in your PayPal account. If you have any balance in your account PayPal won’t allow you to close your account. That is for you to transfer your PayPal balance to another PayPal account, a bank account or you can even ask people to send your cheque but that will cost you a $1.5 processing fee.

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The second thing that you should pay attention to is to resolve any pending payments or issues connected with your account. If it is anything related to unauthorized transactions you can involve customer service by contacting them so that they can help you resolve the issue swiftly.

As we mentioned earlier when you close your PayPal account your transaction history will be gone forever and there is no way to recover it. Therefore what you can do is take a screenshot or print out your payment history in case you may need it in the future. 

Now once you are sure that you want to close your PayPal account and have finished with all the mentioned steps above it is time to start with the deletion process. Although this is permanent and the whole process takes nothing more than just a few minutes. It is worth noting that you can simply do this from the web platform. It is not possible to delete your PayPal account from either the iOS or Android app. 

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The process for deleting a PayPal account is the same regardless of whether you have a business account for a personal account. If you have a business account it is possible to downgrade it to a personal account but in order to do that, you will have to contact customer care service.

How to delete your PayPal account

  1. First, you have to log into your account on
  2. Next, move your cursor over your account name on the top right corner.
  3. Then select ‘Account Settings.’
  4. Visit the ‘Account Preferences’ option present in the left column.
  5. Then click Close account next to the Account type info
  6. If requested you can enter your bank account information
  7. In the final step, you just have to click Close Account

Reasons why you may not be able to close your account

paypal online platform

In certain circumstances, Paypal won’t allow you to close your account and till the issues have been resolved. The reason for those issues may include a remaining PayPal balance, pending funds for unresolved issues related to your past transactions. These are some of the reasons which may prevent you from closing your account. Once you have cleared the payment issues and money has been transferred you can easily close your account permanently.

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It is also possible that if you’re using your PayPal account for business purposes instead of personal use and you have not provided documentation for verification of your account you may not be able to delete it. You can use your account but without proper documentation and verification process, you can’t close your account. So if you have a pending verification process you must first complete it. 

What happens after closing a PayPal account

Once you close your PayPal account you may not be able to use it for future transactions. Your transaction history and saved details will be lost forever. Even if you create a new PayPal Account under the same email address you will not be able to review your past transactions from the previous account. 


If you have chosen to close your PayPal account because you are not happy with its service or features then it is a great time to look around options for digital payment services. Some of the most popular choices available are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Transferwise, etc. Not only can you send and receive money using both these services but you can also earn some rewards as well as get some awesome discounts while purchasing with certain retailers.

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Highlights of the Story

  • PayPal allows you to make online transactions from anywhere within the world.
  • But in case if you are not using your current PayPal account then it is risky to leave it just as it is.
  • So here’s a step to step guide on how you can close your PayPal Account safely