Mobile Exchange Offers

Cashify’s mobile exchange offers let you exchange your old smartphone for the best value with a new one! No longer will you have to keep your old phone wondering what to do with it. Cashify makes sure that you get the best value for your old phone. By exchanging your old phone, you can get a massive discount on your new phone! All you have to do is hop on the Cashify website or app and look at our dedicated smartphone exchange offers section. We are continually rolling out new offers for you to get the best price for old mobiles without worrying about it.
It no longer has to be a hassle for you to look for someone to sell your old phone to. By using the various mobile exchange offers available on Cashify, you can quickly get rid of your old smartphone and discount on the new one right from one place.
  • How to go about it you ask? Simple:
  • Go on the Cashify website (
  • Go to the New Offers section
  • Select Mobile Exchange Offers
  • Voila! You can see all our ongoing offers listed here.
You can then use the coupon codes to avail all the best smartphone exchange offers with Cashify or our partners. We assure you that you would get the best possible deals without having to look elsewhere. Gone are the days when the cost of new phones was holding you back from buying them. You might not even know, but your old phone has much value. By adjusting it against the MRP of the new phone, we can help you upgrade straight away without you having to wait for a buyer for your old phone. No haggling, no negotiating necessary!
So hop onto the Cashify website or app today and get the best mobile exchange deals straight from the comfort of your home. That new phone doesn’t need to wait any longer.