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Privacy Policy


Who are we?

We are Manak Waste Management Private Limited, with our registered office located at B-39, 1st Floor, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001, India. (“we”, “our” or “us”) place a strong emphasis on safeguarding the security of your personal data and are dedicated to upholding the privacy of the individuals (“you” or your”) who use our Cashify Website and App (referred to as the “Platform”).

What is this privacy notice for?

We might manage your personal data as part of your engagement with the Platform. This privacy notice, combined with our Terms and Conditions, outlines how we gather and share information on the Platform, the purposes for which personal data is utilised, our measures to ensure its security in compliance with data protection laws, and your rights concerning privacy. We urge you to review this information attentively.

This Statement pertains to the processing of Personal Data by Cashify in the following situations:

  • Visit the website ( and/or any other CASHIFY website(s) linked to or mentioned in this Statement (collectively referred to as the “Website”).
  • When you utilise, download, or access any of our internet-based offerings, including mobile platforms, software, or applications (collectively referred to as “Services”).
  • When you interact with CASHIFY’s official social media sites.
  • When you receive communications from us, such as emails, phone calls, or other electronic messages.

We gather certain information directly from you, often through forms you complete or when you access, download, or obtain products or Services. This data typically includes:

  • Name, contact details, email ID, IMEI, and device details.
  • Your interactions with CASHIFY staff.
  • Content you post on our social media platforms.
  • Information provided by you on the website, like responses to online questionnaires or feedback forms.
  • Details are provided when subscribing to SMS services.
  • Information provided while creating your account, including login credentials and your preferences for the Services.
  • Other data obtained indirectly from your use of the Services, such as observing your actions on the website or facilitating your account access.

Such information is generally limited to:

We gather information about the use of our Services or Websites through automatically-collected weblogs using various technologies. This information is generally not linked to your specific identity or that of other individuals. Examples of this data include IP addresses, device details, browser types, domain names, and other anonymous statistical data that provide insights into overall usage patterns.

Furthermore, we obtain Personal Data from alternative sources, such as publicly available records, internet sources, vendors, data suppliers, and service providers. This data is commercially accessible, often from marketing lists, registries, telephone directories, social networks (like LinkedIn), news platforms, and similar media outlets. The Personal Data collected through these channels is restricted to business contact details such as names, contact information, job titles, IP addresses, and profiles on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Use of Personal Data

CASHIFY utilises your Personal Data in the following scenarios: when it becomes essential to fulfil our responsibilities or enforce our contractual privileges; when we possess a valid business interest in processing said Personal Data; when it’s obligatory to adhere to relevant laws or regulations; when we’ve obtained your consent (where stipulated by applicable law) to utilise your information (in cases where we rely on your consent, you retain the right to withdraw it by reaching out to us, as outlined below).

Such legal reasons are identified for the following common instances:

Managing Our Website and Delivering Services: We process Personal Data to fulfil our contractual responsibilities as applicable. When there isn’t a formal contract in place, this processing aligns with our legitimate interest in overseeing and advancing our business, running and administering the Website, enhancing the Services, and offering the content you request (like when you seek a quote via our website).

User Registration: As part of our contractual commitments or justified business interest in supplying Services, your Personal Data is processed when you sign up for a CASHIFY account. This processing covers account registration, administration, provision of technical and customer assistance, identity verification, and distribution of vital account and Service details.

Assistance Requests: When you ask CASHIFY to reach out to you (such as for inquiries about products and services) or when you contact us through available website channels, we process your Personal Data to the extent required by our valid interest in addressing your queries, interacting with you, or in accordance with contractual responsibilities.

Compliance; Security and Functionality of Website and Services:

To safeguard adherence to pertinent terms, we process your Personal Data, ensuring compliance with relevant usage guidelines. Moreover, Personal Data is employed to monitor the utilisation of the Website and Services. This is carried out to fulfil our contractual duties, if applicable, in order to offer a secure and functional user experience. In situations where there is no existing contractual agreement, this processing is grounded in our legitimate interest to bolster the safety and reliability of the Website, Services, systems, and applications. This also extends to safeguarding our rights and the rights of others. It’s important to note that we retain the right to oversee, investigate, and report any endeavours aimed at breaching the security of the Website or Services. This includes activities like verifying accounts and actions, as well as upholding our established terms and policies.

Improving Website and Services; Developing Offerings:

We engage in the processing of your Personal Data to evaluate patterns, utilization patterns, and engagements with the Website and Services. This is carried out to the extent required by our genuine interest in enhancing the Website and Services, devising novel offerings, and delivering customised content to individuals. This aids in personalising your interaction with our Services. On select occasions, we will process your Personal Data for the purpose of such enhancements by actively seeking your contribution. An illustration of this is the use of feedback surveys to directly gather your input.

Marketing Communications; Advertisement:

Advancing our Website and Services, fostering business expansion, and promoting our offerings are all facets of our legitimate business interest. In line with this, we will undertake the processing of your Personal Data to convey specific marketing details and other forms of communication. This will be done exclusively in alignment with these genuine interests or, if relevant, to the extent you have previously granted your consent.


In situations where you have furnished us with financial information, CASHIFY will process your Personal Data to authenticate such details and facilitate the collection and processing of payments. This will be done solely to finalise transactions and fulfil our contractual commitments. Legal Obligations: There might be instances where we are compelled to process Personal Data due to legal and compliance imperatives under applicable law. Such processing may become necessary to address appeals from courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, and other public and governmental authorities; uphold our terms of service or other stipulated terms and conditions; or safeguard our rights, privacy, well-being, property, or the corresponding interests of others.

Monitoring User Platform Usage:

To evaluate how you engage with the Platform, we employ various tools and gather diverse information. This encompasses insights into your visits, such as your IP address, particulars about your computer systems, device identification, browser specifications, location data, and connections. Additionally, we might collect data through mechanisms like cookie, web beacons/gifts, and behavioural targeting/re-targeting. In most cases, this data collection occurs automatically. You can acquire further details regarding our utilisation of such technology in our Cookie Policy.

Disclosure of your Information

CASHIFY may share Personal Data as follows:

Engagement with Contracted Service Providers: To effectively deliver the Services, carry out business operations, and within the scope of lawful permissions or requirements, we might share Personal Data with contracted service providers. These providers encompass entities involved in hosting, system administration, payment processing, analytics, marketing, data enrichment, and client support. Such sharing aligns with the legal bases mentioned earlier. These service providers are exclusively provided with the essential Personal Data to fulfil the services they provide to CASHIFY. They are strictly prohibited from utilising acquired Personal Data for any purpose other than catering to CASHIFY’s service requirements.

Employer Involvement: In cases where you possess authorised access to the Services or have registered for CASHIFY offerings using your corporate email, we might share Personal Data with your employer. This is done to the extent necessary for access provision, account validation, activity examination, detection of suspicious actions, or the enforcement of our stipulated terms and policies.

Mergers or Acquisitions: Should scenarios like mergers, acquisitions, control shifts, or business asset divestitures arise, where CASHIFY sells all or a part of its business, we will divulge requisite Personal Data. The handling of such information will adhere to the privacy policies of the acquiring entities. We will strive to inform you of any transfer of Personal Data to an unaffiliated third party as required by applicable laws.

Data Analytics: Occasionally, non-personal, anonymised, and statistical data might be shared with third parties to aid CASHIFY in analytical and improvement endeavours. Anonymous, aggregated usage data may also be utilised for routine business operations, such as governance reporting.

Public Forum: If certain sections of the Website or CASHIFY’s branded social media platforms permit public forum participation, any Personal Data you decide to post, share, upload, or make publicly accessible could be visible to others. It’s important to refrain from posting or sharing confidential or third-party information without appropriate authorisation. The information you offer might be utilised to personalise your experience and provide content suggestions.

Sharing with Friends/Acquaintances: Please note that Cashify lacks control over how your friends or acquaintances manage the information you share with them. Once your information is displayed on publicly viewable web pages, it can be gathered and employed by others. If you intend to remove your personal data from our blog or community forum, please reach out to us at In certain cases, removal might not be feasible, and we will inform you accordingly, detailing the reasons. Additionally, if you refer a friend to join Cashify or avail of our services, we will use their email address solely for a one-time invitation. Your friend can contact us at to have their information removed from our database.

Utilising Your Data in accordance with Data Protection Laws

Our utilisation of your personal data adheres to specific conditions required by Data Protection Laws. We will rely on one of the following conditions, contingent upon the activities being carried out:

Consent: In instances where you have granted us consent (where necessary under Data Protection Laws), we may furnish you with promotional offers linked to our services or products. Correspondingly, we may reach out to you through mail, email, phone, and electronic notifications (subject to your chosen communication methods). These communications pertain to the information regarding your requested service or product. You retain the ability to modify your marketing preferences by contacting us as outlined in section 14 below.

Legitimate Interests: It’s within our legitimate interests to gather your personal data. This data equips us with the necessary information to offer our services and make our Platform accessible to you. This necessitates a balancing test, evaluating our interests in employing your personal data against your rights as an individual under the Data Protection Law. The outcome of this assessment determines the permissibility of using your personal data as described in this privacy notice. This assessment considers your interests as well.

Compliance with Legal Obligations: We are entitled to process your personal data when it’s essential for adhering to legal obligations. Additionally, processing your personal data is allowable for legal claims when it’s crucial for initiating, pursuing, or defending a legal claim.

Substantial Public Interest: Processing your personal data becomes permissible when it’s necessary due to substantial public interest, as per the provisions of Data Protection Laws.

In cases where we intend to utilise your personal data for purposes not covered in this privacy notice, we will notify you of these proposed new purposes before proceeding with such usage.

Retention Period:

The duration for which we retain personal data is based on business necessities and legal requirements. We uphold personal data for as long as necessary to:

  • Address any inquiries or grievances
  • Demonstrate fair treatment
  • Verify compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Maintain records in line with applicable regulations

We might also retain personal data for legal, regulatory, or technical reasons. This could include historical insurance claim data. If retained for research or statistical purposes, we ensure privacy protection and solely employ it for those intended objectives. When processing personal data on behalf of your current or potential employer, we adhere to their instructions regarding data retention.

Location of Processing:

Cashify exclusively operates from and is located in India. We host our Services and process Personal Data solely within India. However, certain service providers mentioned above might process Personal Data outside your jurisdiction, potentially in countries lacking an adequacy decision by the European Commission or local regulatory bodies. These locations might not offer the same level of data protection as your jurisdiction. Regardless, we ensure data protection consistent with applicable law standards. We achieve this by establishing suitable agreements and when required, standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission (Art. 46 GDPR).


CASHIFY’s Services are designed for business clients and not aimed at minors. Transactions on the Platform are accessible solely to individuals capable of forming legally binding contracts under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Those categorised as “incompetent to contract” under this Act are ineligible to use the Platform. Minors under the age of 18 can access the Platform or its content only under the supervision and with the prior consent of a parent or legal guardian. Personal Data is not knowingly collected from children under the age of 18. Parents or guardians concerned about the unsanctioned submission of Personal Data by their children should contact us to ensure its removal from our systems.

Security of Personal Information:

All provided information is stored securely on our servers, accessible and employed in accordance with our security standards and policies. To access your account, we’ve implemented OTP-based security. You should keep this OTP confidential and avoid sharing it, even with our staff. Access to your personal data is limited to our employees, affiliates, and third-party service providers who require it to offer products or services. We’ve established physical, electronic, procedural, administrative, and technical safeguards adhering to data protection laws’ security requirements. This protects your personal data from unauthorised access. However, no security system is entirely impenetrable. We cannot ensure absolute security for these systems or guarantee information transmitted over the internet.

In striving for top-tier Data Privacy and Security standards, we are GDPR compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified. Reasonable and practical measures have been taken to safeguard your personal information. These include data security for both data at rest and in motion, role-based access, and collaborations with partners who uphold comparable security measures.

How we may contact you:

Service Communications: We keep in touch with you in regard to the Transaction that you started with us. Marketing communications and editorial newsletters: With your consent, we may send you information we believe will be of interest to you, such as updates and new offers from Cashify. This could be done through SMS or email, depending on your marketing settings.

You have the option to manage your receipt of these communications at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” or similar link found at the bottom of any email, or by contacting us at

  • Customer Feedback: Reaching out regarding your experience/transaction with Cashify.
  • Responses to Queries or Complaints: If you’ve raised concerns, we will contact you to address them or take care of the issue.

Rights and Obligations Regarding Your Data:

Data protection laws confer various rights in relation to your personal data, as outlined below. You can exercise these rights by contacting us (details in section 14). Our response will be within one month from the receipt of your request.

Description of rights:

  1. Right 1: Right to Access: Access personal data held by us about you.
  2. Right 2: Right to Rectification: Require correction of inaccurate personal data about you.
  3. Right 3: Right to Erase personal data: Ask for the deletion of personal data under specific conditions. If you withdraw your consent (if we are using your personal data based on your consent), you object to the way we process your personal data (in accordance with Right 6 below), or we no longer need to use the personal data for the purpose for which we collected it, this right will not apply.
  4. Right 4: Right to Restrict Processing: Restrict processing under specific conditions. This right will only be applicable in the following situations: when you contest the accuracy of the personal data we hold; when you would have the right to request that we erase the personal data, but would rather that our processing be restricted; when we no longer need to use the personal data to achieve the purpose for which it was collected, but you need the data to address legal claims.
  5. Right 5: Right to receive personal data: Receive personal data provided to us in a structured, machine-readable format and have it transferred to another organisation upon your request.
  6. Right 6: Right to Object: A right to object to our processing of your personal data, including receiving promotional messages.
  7. Right 7: Right to Withdraw your Consent: Withdraw your consent for personal data processing (e.g., for receiving promotional messages). We might not be able to give you particular goods or services if you withdraw your consent.

These rights are subject to exemptions safeguarding the public interest and our interests (e.g. the prevention or detection of crime) and our interests (e.g. the maintenance of legal privilege).

Updating Information:

Keeping your data accurate and more up-to-date is vital. Incorrect or incomplete information could hinder our ability to offer relevant services. We make reasonable efforts to ensure data accuracy. Please notify us of any changes by updating your profile on the Platform or by contacting us (section 14). Deliberate provision of false information or misuse of others’ information may lead to access termination and legal action.

Modifications to Privacy Notice:

The content of the Platform, cookie usage, and thus this privacy notice, cookie notice, and related documents are subject to change at any time. Material updates to this privacy notice will be indicated by the updated date and clear indication within the document. Changes become effective upon posting. Regularly reviewing this privacy notice for updates is recommended. On May 10, 2021, this privacy notice was last updated.

Questions and Complaints:

For queries or concerns about this statement or your information, reach out to us at

How to Complaint:

If you are dissatisfied with how we’ve used your data or our handling of your requests, let us know. Contact details are provided above. You also have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority.