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    Oneplus 7T ReviewFri, 13 Dec'19
    OnePlus continuously manages the competition significantly, while at the same time producing phones that don't feel cheap. You'd expect the corners to be cut somewhere, but between the 7T's well-crafted software and the feature-packed hardware, there's no catch - the best flagship bargain of the year.

    Vivo U20 ReviewThu, 12 Dec'19
    Although the U10 was launched under Rs 10,000/-, Vivo U20 being a successor took over it in just three months as a premium device with a price tag under Rs 12,000/-. It packs in considerably mid-range but powerful specifications with a humongous battery on-board and decent camera which won't leave you hanging but might not perform as it would on a premium or flagship device. Overall, the phone does perform well when playing even the most graphics-intensive games like PUBG Mobile although with a sprinkle of a few lags and frame drops but overall, the phone is value for money. It lacks a USB Type-C port, has a lot of pre-installed apps but does have decent battery life and a substantial FHD+ display that escalates the joy of viewing experience.

    iPhone 11 Pro Max ReviewTue, 10 Dec'19
    The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a perfect example of a time-tested strategy to improve Apple's devices year by year. No, this is not a drastic new design. And, aside from the cameras, Apple will update most of the parts without clumping. But the result is a great, great phone.

    Motorola One Action ReviewWed, 27 Nov'19
    The Motorola One Action used the Motorola One Vision's formula but added an extra sensor for its "action camera." The phone's build quality is excellent and stable, and it also stands out for its aesthetics. We have no complaints regarding raw performance, and camera output is decent as well. The inability to take wide-angle photos is a software issue that might resolve in future updates.

    Realme XT ReviewSat, 23 Nov'19
    Realme XT is a smartphone that offers impressive value-for-money at this price range. With premium design and power-packed hardware, the smartphone is suitable for both averages as well as aggressive users. We noticed no scenarios of lags, stutter, or massive frame drops while gaming. Software, on the other hand, is going to be a primary decision-maker. If you can handle an iOS look-alike software with average user experience, then you can go for this device.

    Realme 5 Pro ReviewThu, 21 Nov'19
    Realme 5 Pro looks refreshing and feels somewhat premium even though the back is made up of plastic. The smartphone also manages to offer impressive performance and is a good option for those who’re looking for raw power. The thing that annoyed me the most during my daily usage is the custom ColorOS 6 skin. Realme needs to work on its software desperately since the entire experience is not that impressive. The smartphone is competent, and the only thing that bug you is the software.

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro ReviewWed, 20 Nov'19
    Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with some significant upgrades such as improved camera module, excellent display, and a faster processor. Even though the device comes with an expensive price tag, the overall user experience is as premium as you can get. Another thing in which the iPhone 11 Pro excels at is the Night Mode. For a serious photographer, the device could not get any better.

    Oppo Reno 2 ReviewTue, 19 Nov'19
    Oppo Reno 2 turns out to be a fantastic smartphone that packs decent hardware in a stunning design. The smartphone can handle all your daily tasks without breaking any sweat thanks to the Snapdragon 730G chipset and 8GB RAM. Furthermore, the camera setup on this device is quite versatile. The build quality is something that you will admire. Oppo Reno 2 does miss out on various features such as wireless charging, IP rating, and dual stereo speakers.

    Honor 10 Lite ReviewMon, 18 Nov'19
    Honor 10 Lite offers the premium visual appearance and sturdy build at the same time. Even in terms of display, the overall experience was pretty excellent. The only thing which this device lags are gaming performance. Another thing to consider is the fact that the device uses a Micro USB port and does not feature fast charging support. Honor 10 Lite is a worth considering smartphone if you’re looking for a premium design and decent specifications.

    Samsung Galaxy A20s ReviewSun, 17 Nov'19
    Samsung Galaxy A20S has found its sweet spot. It has the right balance of performance and looks. This phone got some excellent upgrades when compared to its predecessor like a bigger screen, better cameras, better performance. Overall we think that this device is great. It looks premium and stylish, the colors are popping, and eye-catching and performance is decent. This device is not for gaming purposes, but instead, it's made to be consistent and to last long.