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Where To Buy And Sell Refurbished Mobile Phones

By Sidhant Gupta - 
Fri, 11 Oct'19

Everyone is looking for a high-end phone, but the problem is paying the high prices associated with them. Some are quite happy to pay the retail price, but there are many others who are always looking for a deal. One of the ways we can find our favourite smartphones for cheap is to look for refurbished phones. They’re your dream phones, tidied up for your use!

What does Refurbished mean?

We see the word “refurbished” thrown around a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a standardized term. You might see it is used interchangeably with “recertified,” “reconditioned” or just “open box” or “pre-owned” as well. However, in general, it actually means that it is a product that has been manufactured to sell as new, but for some reason was returned to the manufacturer — either by a store, reseller or customer. It is now ready to be sold again.

Most of the time, it depends on the country from where you’re shopping, a product that has been purchased and opened — and also possibly not even removed from the packaging or powered on — can actually no longer be sold as “new” and must be sold as refurbished instead. Stores, resellers or companies themselves will be putting up a discount on the device because it technically isn’t new-in-box and therefore can’t command the same price as a new phone.

Few things to keep in my mind while buying refurbished phones

  • Buy from the original company or a reputable seller whenever possible. They do the best refurbishing process, and can actually offer some sort of guarantee that the phone is in good, working condition.
  • See what warranty, if any, is offered for the refurbished phones. Some manufacturers will offer a full warranty for refurbished phones, while third parties typically won’t.
  • Read the fine print on the sale — even though it may be hard to find. Quite a lot of times, refurbished or open-box phones are sold “as is” with little or no option for returns or refunds.
  • Keep in mind the age of the device you’re looking to buy. Many a time the companies won’t be selling refurbished versions of the latest phones, but instead a model or two older.
    Where can you sell your phone for refurbishing?

Where can you sell your phone for refurbishing?

Sometimes when you need to upgrade your handset, it makes sense to let go of your current device. The same device, once refurbished, could very well be somebody’s dream phone. Cashify has you covered in this aspect.

With Cashify, there is no hassle as it picks up your used handset from your doorstep. The prices offered are fair and transparent – so you can see how much you’re getting for your phone based on its condition. The cash is paid right at the doorstep as well!

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