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  • Answer:The Bank Transfer payment method involves Cashify making the payment for your used device directly to your bank account. Cashify’s agent will verify the condition of your device with the information provided by you, and initiate the payment via an instant transfer to your bank account. After the transaction completes successfully, Cashify texts you an…read more

  • Answer:The Instant Cash payment method, refers to Cashify making the payment for your device in cash. The Cashify agent will be handing you the cash payment for your used device at the time of the pickup. Before completing the payment, the Cashify agent will verify the condition of your device with the information you submitted…read more

  • Answer:Payments are initiated instantly after you share the OTP with the Cashify agent. After the OTP authentication is successful, your payment is processed via your selected payment method: If you picked Instant Bank Transfer, the payment is initiated from Cashify’s end immediately after the sale. The payment will be made to the account number you’ve…read more

  • Answer:Before your device sale is complete, the Cashify agent will verify the condition of your phone against the details you originally provided. This is to determine that the price originally quoted to you is the best price for your device. This verification will involve: Checking the device’s screen,Battery life,Speakers,Cameras andOther components – chargers, disk drives (for laptops),…read more

  • Answer:As a Cashify customer, you retain complete authority over the transaction. You can choose to cancel the sale, reschedule the sale, or even decline our price at any time. If there is a discrepancy between the price offered to you and the one quoted by us, it could be due to a variety of reasons…read more

  • Answer:Receipts are automatically generated after the completion of a sale and emailed to the customer on their registered email address. They may be delayed due to technical errors, or if: You entered an incorrect email address in our records.You did not provide an email address to Cashify. If you haven’t received your receipt after the…read more

  • Answer:Your device loses value over time due to a variety of factors. Its age, the brand value, and supply and demand. Certain brands may lose resale value quickly with time, while nearly all devices will shed some of their value as they get older. Damage and malfunctioning parts will also impact the price quote you…read more

  • Answer:Once you have selected your device, filled in details about its condition, warranty, and other parameters, Cashify will offer the best available price quote for the device. After you decide to proceed with the sale, fill in your pickup address and the time. Now, schedule your pickup by selecting the date and the time of…read more

  • Answer:After our agent arrives at your doorstep for the pickup, a physical inspection of the device is required to complete the sale. This inspection seeks to verify: The condition,The quality, andThe warranty of your device. If the results of our inspection do not match the details shared by you, the amount paid may be lower…read more

  • Answer:It is not possible to change the sale price for a device once you have placed your order. If you’ve filled in inaccurate details for your device, cancel the sale. You can book a pickup again with the correct details. There are no charges for such cancellations and rebooking.read more