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  • Answer:Cashify generates a price quote for your device based on the information provided by you when placing your order. This assessment is based on the following criteria: The age of the deviceWhether it turns on or not, or is functional at all.The status of its critical parts – screen, display, battery, speaker, camera and more.The…read more

  • Answer:Cashify will only cancel your sale under the following circumstances: You may be unreachable on your contact number or address at the time of the pickup.The condition of your may differ from the details shared by you while placing the order. If there’s a significant difference, the device may not be in an acceptable state…read more

  • Answer:If you’d like to cancel your pickup: Log on to your account and head over to the Orders section.Select the order you wish to cancel. Hit Cancel, and you’re done. If Cashify has canceled your order without a request from you: This may be if we don’t receive communication from you confirming the pickup. This can occur due…read more

  • Answer:Cashify does not charge you for rescheduling your order. If you’ve rescheduled your pickup, the agent will arrive at your doorstep at the updated time slot selected by you, without any additional charges levied by us on your sale.read more

  • Answer:If you’d like to reschedule your pickup: Login to your Cashify account on the web or the app, and head over to the Orders section.Select your pending order. Click/Tap on Reschedule, and select your desired date and time slot. Please provide additional information under the Reason For Reschedule heading, and leave us a comment if you’d like, and…read more

  • Answer:Receipts are automatically shared with the customer after the completion of the sale. They are computer generated, do not require a signature, and are sent to the email address provided by you on your Cashify profile. A receipt may be delayed for the following reasons: You may have entered an incorrect email address.You may not…read more

  • Answer:Our receipt should reflect the same amount of money that is paid to you for the sale. If a discrepancy occurs, please contact us at support@cashify.in, and we’d be happy to resolve the issue. Alternately, you can also reach out to us via chat!read more

  • Answer:Cashify does not charge the seller for the device pickup. Your pickup will be absolutely free, with no deductions from the final payable amount to you.read more