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  • How AI In Healthcare Will Headgear Hospital Infrastructure In 2023?
    Artificial Intelligence is spreading its wing in almost all aspects of human life. However artificial it may sound through its name, technology is changing lives like never before. This assists in providing potential solutions to all the major problems for humanity. Our scope of discussion in this article surrounds how AI in healthcare will make…
    18th Mar 2023
  • Here’s How To Get OnePlus 8 Screen Fixed Within Budget
    OnePlus 8 was launched in 2020 with its 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display . There is no doubt that the smartphone is an amazing smartphone. The device comes with a 4300 mAh Li-ion, fast Charging battery and supports the 30W WARP Charge with WARP Type-C cable. However, a minor accident can damage your device and damage the…
    18th Mar 2023
  • How To Use Amazon Gift Card?
    Amazon, the e-commerce giant, provides people with one of the amazing options of gift cards that can be presented to anyone as a gift or reward. Be it for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, celebrating your work achievement, or any other occasion, an Amazon gift card can be used for anything and everything. This…
    17th Mar 2023
  • Best Way To Get Your OnePlus Nord Charging Jack Replaced
    Launched in 2020, OnePlus Nord runs on a 4,115 mAh battery capacity and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. A preferred smartphone with a good display and chipset performance is very competitive in the market. But after months of use, there are certain features destined to get damaged and one of them is the charging…
    17th Mar 2023
  • How To Get OnePlus Nord Battery Replaced?
    If your OnePlus Nord‘s performance has declined and you cannot acquire a full day’s battery life. At that moment, the OnePlus Nord battery must be replaced. A damaged battery reduces performance and causes several issues when using a device. As you know, a smartphone’s battery is prone to damage for various causes. Having a poor battery is…
    17th Mar 2023
  • Risks With Fake Telegram Apps: Here’s What Experts Have To Say
    Ever thought, what are the risks of Fake Telegram apps? In January 2021, Telegram surpassed 500 million monthly active users. The instant messaging platform comes with plenty of features, including sharing videos, photos, audio, locations, calling, video calling and more. The app is free to use, and recently, the company launched a Premium version of…
    17th Mar 2023
  • We Tried The Best Free ChatGPT Alternatives – Mind Was Blown!
    The world is no stranger to next-level AI chatbots, thanks to ChatGPT. This next-gen chatbot took the world by storm when it landed with a bang back in November 2022. However, you may face a couple of hurdles when trying to use it, and that is what brings us to the best free ChatGPT alternatives.…
    17th Mar 2023
  • Get The Best Deals On Nokia 2.4 Second Hand Right Here
    Buying a second-hand phone can be a tricky task. You want to ensure that you get a phone that functions well and has no defects. Cashify is one of the best places to buy refurbished products. It has a wide range of second hand products which are in their best condition. Today we will be…
    16th Mar 2023
  • Get The Second Hand Nokia 2.3 At Cashify
    All of us wish to own the latest phones in the market but our budgets don’t always allow it. However, purchasing a refurbished phone is a great way to get a high-quality device at an affordable price, isn’t it? Refurbished phones are pre-owned devices that have been tested, restored, and certified to work like new…
    16th Mar 2023
  • Here’s How You Can Buy Asus Zenfone Max Second-Hand At Cashify
    With the latest smartphones incoming in incredible numbers each day, smartphone prices are soaring as well. One new feature and there is a considerable difference in the prices. The temptation to get your hands on the latest arrival is real for sure, but why invest money into a brand new phone which is highly overpriced…
    16th Mar 2023

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    • Tips To Improve Hard Drive Performance
      Hard Disc Drives (HDDs) are among the most commonly used types of computer storage. People used them for a very long period as a medium to store files, media, documents, and other kinds of data. But did you realize that the efficiency of your hard drive impacts the efficiency of your entire system? You see,…
      10th Mar 2023
    • 7 Best Website To Download Tamil Movies For Free
      Tamil movies have gained quite a good amount of popularity in the last few years. They are action-packed and filled with nail-biting drama. But where to find and download tamil movies? Here are a few websites that will help you.
      10th Mar 2023
    • Prepare 30 Instagram Reels Quickly To Wow Your Audience With These Apps!
      In today’s time, rarely would we find someone who is unaware of the Instagram reel. In fact, many social media platforms have brought this concept into being to attract a large audience to their platform. This includes social media giants like Facebook. Taking cognisance of the popularity of reels, we hereby introduce you to some…
      9th Mar 2023
    • 7 Best Unique Font Changer Websites
      The one thing missing from all social networking platforms besides profiles and media sharing is styling, without which all your content may come off as a little boring. In order to emphasize particular areas, it would be good to add some flair, such as a flourish of italics, a sprinkle of bold text, or underlining.…
      5th Mar 2023
    • 5 Best Train Ticket Booking Apps That You Should Not Miss!
      Gone are those days when train tickets were only available on the IRCTC application and website. Nowadays many applications have come up that lets you book train ticket readily and super fastly. This includes travel agents, travel planning apps, etc. Here are some of the best train ticket booking apps that you must definitely check…
      2nd Mar 2023

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