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Apple To Plan Its Journey In The Foldable Space: Full Story Here!

- Updated: 24th Oct 2022, 16:10 IST
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    Apple Might Bring A Foldable Device

Apple appears to be speeding up its plans for foldable smartphones, and contrary to popular belief, the corporation may be taking a different approach in this market. By that, we imply that the company might release a foldable iPad before the iPhone.

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Apple Might Bring A Foldable Device

Apple Foldable devices

Ben Wood, Research Chief of CCS Insight, provided this update in an interview with CNBC earlier this week. He feels Apple would like to test the market with a foldable iPad before launching the foldable iPhone gadget. “We believe they will avoid that trend and instead experiment with a foldable iPad,” Wood said.

To some extent, it is surprising that the company would want to use the iPad series to demonstrate its first foldable device on the market. However, Wood’s assertions are not out of the blue.

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The company has apparently been testing a 20-inch folding panel, which would only make sense on an iPad, not a MacBook. We don’t know what the final iPad form factor with the folding display will be, but we’re hoping to learn more about it soon.

The revelation of the foldable iPad will undoubtedly aid Apple’s campaign. Since then, we haven’t heard much about Apple’s foldable goals in the mobile market, leading us to believe that a 2024 launch date for the foldable iPad isn’t entirely out of the question. Apple is said to be collaborating with LG to create an ultra-thin glass that goes over the foldable layer of the screen, which might be part of the iPad in the image.

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