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Apple Watch Is Even Saving Lives, Read

- Updated: 23rd Oct 2022, 11:01 IST
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    Hour Detrout Report
    • Apple Watch Life-Saving Features

Apple Watch has set the bar high in terms of truly caring for people. It has reached beyond being just a technology. The watch has some crazy life-saving qualities. However, the watch has been credited for saving lives countless times. But this time the watch alerted a young girl about her abnormally high heart rate. So, this lets the girl discover that she had cancer.

The heart rate notifications feature in Apple Watch is available on the Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch 7. Even the newly launched Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Ultra have this feature.

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Hour Detrout Report

Apple Watch Is Even Saving Lives, Read

The Hour Detrout reports, a 12-year-old girl named Imani Miles has been constantly reminded by the watch about her abnormally high heart rate. After which her mother, Jessica Kitchen, found it weird. As this never happened before. Mother stated, “That’s really weird because it’s never happened before. It just kept going off”.

After the constant alert, Jessica Kitchen took her daughter to the hospital. Then, Imani was operated on for appendicitis. But it did not make her at ease. The doctors then informed her mother about a neuroendocrine tumour in her appendix. This is considered rare in children.

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But after further examinations, the doctors found that the tumour had spread to the other parts of Imani’s body. After which she had to undergo surgery to remove the cancer. Luckily everything turned out fine after the surgery.

Kitchen told the daily that the Watch has been a life saviour for her daughter. Adding that without the watch she could have taken Miles to the hospital much later. That would have been fatal for her. “If [the watch] didn’t go off, I probably would have just waited and taken her in the next couple of days,” Kitchen commented to the local publication. She even said that if Imani did not have the watch, it might have turned worse.

Apple Watch Life-Saving Features

The watch comes with life-saving features including ECG, heart rate notifications, and fall and crash detection. Previously, the Apple Watch’s ECG heart sensor saved the life of a 57-year-old UK man. It sent an alert for a low resting heart rate almost 3,000 times.

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David after which visited the hospital. The Watch was gifted by his wife. After further examination and medical tests, he was shocked to know the number of heart problems he had been living with.