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iPhone 13 Pro vs Nokia 3310: Astonishing Ultimate Drop Test Results

- Updated: 16th Oct 2021, 10:32 IST
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    Apple iPhone 13 Pro battles the Nokia 3310

Nokia brick phones have always held the title and the fame of being indestructible or even a tough cookie to crack. On the side, the latest Apple iPhone 13 series has just got its good sale and are receiving their fair share of positive reviews. Now, in an interesting video from a YouTuber – TechRax, did an ultimate drop test between the Nokia 3310 and the iPhone 13 Pro. Although one would think that the winner will be an obvious one. However, it seems like this interesting video will bring some remarkable reactions from your side.

In a surprising turn of events, Apple iPhone 13 Pro manages to show tremendous durability during the ultimate drop test. In the video, we saw both phones being dropped from the top to the bottom of several flights of stairs. Although we cannot say that the iPhone 13 Pro came out on the top. This is because TechRax didn’t drop it the same number of times as the iPhone 13 Pro.

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However, it still comes as a surprise that even after three massive drops on hard floors and sharp edges, the iPhone 13 Pro’s display, protected by the ceramic shield, was still working perfectly fine. Moreover, it comes out to be relatively harmless (a few cracks on the side). Meanwhile, we should mention that the back panel of the phone was completely shattered during this test.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro battles the Nokia 3310

During the test, TechRax first dropped the Nokia 3310 from the top of the stairs. As a result, the phone’s parts were all let loose, which should not be surprising to anyone who has owned a Nokia feature phone. Although none of the parts seemed to be damaged to a point where a simple reassembling would not work. Unfortunately, TechRax didn’t reassemble the phone and dropped it again.

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Whereas, he then moved on to the iPhone 13 Pro. In the first drop, the phone’s back glass shattered but the display came out unscathed. Whereas, in the second drop, the phone dropped vertically so that it’s bottom edge is staring at the bottom of the stairs. In this drop, the phone’s display still managed to work with cracks on just the side. Although its back panel further shattered.


As we know, the body of the Nokia 3310 is from plastic. Whereas, the iPhone 13 Pro features a stainless steel band sandwiched in Ceramic Shield glass. In the video shared below, the Nokia 3310 dropped from the top of the staircase and it landed with a huge blow. The iPhone 13 Pro then dropped and it hit the stairs on several occasions in the first drop.

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The result of the first drop is pretty surprising as the iPhone 13 Pro survived the drop test. Take note that the back glass shattered but it is in perfect working condition. On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 blew into pieces and the plastic body parts can be seen scattered across the floor. However, the good thing is that the Nokia 3310 could be assembled like lego pieces.