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iPhone 14 All Ready To Step On India’s Ground

- Updated: 26th Sep 2022, 17:12 IST

Earlier today, Apple announced that iPhone 14 would join hands with India for manufacturing. This news came after the greatest tech giant decided to move some of the production away from China.

Apple laid its foot in India back in 2017. When the iPhone SE was manufactured by the Cupertino, California headquartered Apple Company. But today, India has manufactured numerous iPhone devices, including iPhone Se, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and now the newly launched iPhone series too.

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iPhone 14 Launch In This Year

Earlier this month, the new series got launched by Apple. The new smartphone’s main focus was the safety upgrades higher than the technical specifications.

However, the new smartphone comes with an improved camera, powerful sensors, and the new SOS feature, which sends emergency texts using satellite. The new series will have iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models.

Apple, in a statement, said,” The new series introduces groundbreaking new technologies and important safety capabilities. We are excited to be manufacturing the new iPhone series in India”.

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Manufacturing in India

Foxconn, Apple’s global manufacturing partner, has started manufacturing the device in the Sriperumbudur facility near Chennai. It is the largest contract electronic manufacturer and major iPhone assembler.

made in india iphone 14

Apple’s new device will be available in the local market by the end of this month. It will be for both Indian markets and for exports.

Analysts have remarked that by 2025 Apple will transform India into a global iphone manufacturer. JP Morgan’s Analysts also remarked that by late 2022, Apple would move around 5 per cent of iphone production to India, which will expand the iPhone’s manufacturing capacity to 25 per cent.

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Global tech investment in the country has increased with New Delhi’s policy push in the electronics sector. The country is ready to play the new game of manufacturing.

According to some statements, the manufacturing of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is seen because of the more local market demand in the prior series and the complex alignment of the camera in iPhone 14 Pro series.

Apple, Google and Samsung have also stated that India is a top priority for global manufacturing of devices.


Highlights of the Story

  • iPhone 14 units will be shipping from Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur facility on the outskirts of Chennai.
  • It recently launched on September 7, 2022.
  • These Made-in-India iPhone’s will begin to reach local customers in the next few days.