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Twitter To Show Full-sized Vertical Images On Android, iOS

By Yeti - 
10th May 2021

Twitter launched an update on iOS and Android that has started full sized display of single images in Tweets. 

Tweets with single images will appear in full size in the Tweet composer and published Tweet on its timeline.

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Twitter official handle said in a tweet earlier today. “Introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone.

twitter full image

We can now see a full image on the Twitter timeline without opening the picture for our convenience.

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Before, Twitter showed cropped images that didn’t support a 16:9 ratio. It was done to keep the feed proportional for smooth usage.

In October 2020, Twitter was alleged to be racially biased. This started when users posted an experiment of a single image with people from two separate racial groups, and the Tweets only displayed the white races. 

Although Twitter said they do not support racial or gender bias, the way image crops automatically can be harmful to some people. As sometimes, the cropped image displays parts of it that are unrelated to the Tweet context.

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Recently, Twitter also came up with the feature that was in the testing stage in March that allows you to upload 4K images and videos. Another new feature has been introduced, named Spaces. This is a Clubhouse rival which has now reached users who have more or equal to 600 followers.


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