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WhatsApp New Verify Login Feature Coming Soon

By Susshmita Choubey - 
9th Jun 2021

WhatsApp is apparently working on a new feature ‘Flash Call’  that will verify user log-in on WhatsApp. It will do so via an automated verification call instead of the six-digit verification code, according to news agency ANI. However, this will put the usual 6-digit verification code out of its use. On the other hand, this will let users log in to their WhatsApp account quickly and safely.

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WhatsApp’s new Flash Call Feature: How it will work?

According to Mashable, new reports state that WhatsApp is working on a new feature in the WhatsApp beta for the Android update. This feature will be available in a future update and is currently under development. However, it will not be applicable on iOS. This is because it does not allow any public API to read the call history.

As mentioned above, the feature will act as an alternative to the regular 6-digit code in WhatsApp. As part of this automatic call verification method, they will call the user’s phone number and then automatically end the call. Moreover, the last phone number in the phone’s log is equal to the number that gives the 6-digit code. In the end, it is helping WhatsApp verify the user’s identity. Hackers will not be able to trick users, making it a safer alternative.

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Furthermore, the report states that WhatsApp will need the user’s permission. Especially to manage calls and access to your phone’s call log to enable the feature. Although, keep in mind that the ‘flash call’ feature is optional. So, users can continue logging into the account via the 6-digit code received via SMS or call.

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One should note, WhatsApp will not use user call history for any other purposes and will only check the last entry, i.e. its’ automatic call, from the user’s call history, the report said.


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