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Best Apps For Apple Watch


The app Store is filled with tens of thousands of apps and yet, finding the best apps for Apple Watch is often not that easy. Here’s a list of the 10 best apps that you must try on your Apple Watch that should let you do a tonne of tasks with ease.

- Updated: 3rd Nov 2023, 17:33 IST
  • 1
    Best Apps For Apple Watch
    • 1. Strava
    • 2. Headspace
    • 3. Audible
    • 4. Todoist
    • 5. iTranslate Converse
    • 6. Bear Focus Time
    • 7. IFTTT
    • 8. HeartWatch
    • 9. Just Press Record
    • 10. Google Maps

Your Apple Watch is more powerful than you can comprehend. You can install a ton of apps enabling you to track your location, and activities, follow exercises, clear your head with guided meditation, reduce to-do items, scour the maps for navigation, follow Reddit posts, and more. We compiled a list of the top 10 best apps for Apple Watch that you must download.

Best Apps For Apple Watch

1. Strava

Strava Best Apps For Apple Watch

If you are a health enthusiast, you must have heard about Strava, one of the most popular workout apps out there. Available on iOS devices, you can install Strava on your Apple Watch as well which lets you track your activities be it indoor running, outdoor cycling, and so on. It tracks your swimming sessions as well. The app uses Apple Watch’s built-in GPS, heart rate, and other sensors to record activities including average pace, and mileage, among others. Join challenges within the community and get digital badges for achievements.

Download: Strava

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2. Headspace


Headspace is a mindful meditation app, unlike Strava. It helps you manage stress, find focus, and learn how to relax in this busy lifestyle that we as humans follow every day. Headspace packs in exercises, courses, and guided meditations that help you get rid of worry and general anxiety which are a few leading causes of stress. Headspace recommends exercises based on your activities and lets you check your progress from time to time. You will find soft and tranquil sounds for meditation, and build productivity by enhancing the ability to focus and beyond.

Download: Headspace

3. Audible


Starting with watchOS 8, users can listen to their favourite audiobooks on their Apple Watch using Audible. The app on the watch syncs with the iPhone app ensuring you don’t miss anything during the process. Audible lets you discover the best collection of podcasts, originals, and audiobooks spread across genres such as self-help, crime and thriller, fitness and nutrition, entertainment, fiction, and non-fiction among others. You can listen to countless audiobooks on Audible if you are a premium subscription although there’s a free tier too.

Download: Audible

4. Todoist

Todoist Best Apps For Apple Watch

Trusted by 30+ million people, Todoist is a popular to-do task manager that lets you list tasks to do and strike them off as you complete them. Accompanied by a beautiful UI, the Todoist app syncs between apps on your Apple devices including the Apple Watch. You can add tasks manually or via voice dictation as well. It also links with 60+ tools including Slack, Gmail, and Outlook, among others ensuring you never miss a thing. No doubt striking off tasks as you complete feels like you have accomplished and build confidence to never procrastinate as you continue using Todoist.

Download: Todoist

5. iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse

Exploring a new city or country is enthralling but language can be a barrier at times. With iTranslate Converse, you get access to two-way translation in 38 languages allowing you to translate two selected languages quickly and accurately. Simply tap and hold to speak and release to translate, it’s that easy. The app supports 38 languages and you can export transcripts as well. iTranslate Converse has superior translation accuracy and thus, we wanted to include it in this series of best apps for Apple Watch.

Download: iTranslate Converse

6. Bear Focus Time

Bear Focus Time

When you are working or doing any task, focus is often compromised as there may be countless stimuli to take your concentration off that particular task. With Bear Focus Time, the app addresses this problem using a technique called Pomodoro for time management. The app motivates you to focus on studying, working, or doing any tasks with fun activities in between as per Pomodrome. 

Tom, a friendly bear, is the protagonist who helps you keep the concentration high, taking enough breaks at definite intervals and of course, with a minimalistic UI in place for an overall distraction-free environment.

Download: Bear Focus Time

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What if I told you there’s an app that can help you automate stuff on apps both business and home apps? IFTTT supports 800+ popular smart home, productivity, and business apps spread across 100K pre-built automations. Think about location-based triggers such as toggling the air conditioner when you reach home, summarising content via AI tools, and more. For those who don’t know, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, a cue to all your automation requirements.

Download: IFTTT

8. HeartWatch


Apple Watch offers access to your heart rate profile giving you information on your heart rate, ECG analysis, and SpO2 among others. With HeartWatch, you can tap into all these data in just a click. The app comes with a beautifully designed UI and offers unprecedented depth of view on your heart rate metrics including detailed ECG analysis among more. 

The app tracks trends and lets you input notes such as waist circumference, blood pressure, and more. Its 30+ health metrics are displayed in graphs that are easy to understand. Top choice of people in more than 50 countries, the app is available in 10 different languages and keeps you well informed about your health metrics. 

Download: HeartWatch

9. Just Press Record

Just Press Record Best Apps For Apple Watch

Great ideas may never come when you are thinking about a way to get stuff done, it’s always at an awkward or random moment when something kicks in. For that, we have ‘Just Press Record’, an app that goes hand-in-hand with its name. All you have to do is tap and your Apple Watch starts recording whatever comes to your mind or say the first words of your child, or an important idea at a meeting, or anything at your convenience.

The app suggested unlimited recording time, a single tap to start, stop, pause, or resume recording, forward and backward playback, speech into searchable text, and yes, it supports 30+ languages. To summarise, if you are someone who might need to record something immediately without needing to remove the phone from your pocket, ‘Just Press Record’ is the way to go.

Download: Just Press Record

10. Google Maps

Google Maps

Visiting a new place within your city or somewhere else may come with its challenges. It includes navigation, finding places to rest, pharmacies, hospitals, petrol pumps, etc. Google Maps makes it all possible with just a touch on the Apple Watch. The app for the watch allows navigation services including turn-by-turn navigation from point A to B. It includes navigation by bike, car, public transport or even walking. 

Google Maps already has millions of data points including places of interest, marts, convenience stores, etc, that you might search navigation for. See visual clues and rely on haptic alerts so that you never miss a turn with Google Maps on Apple Watch.

Download: Google Maps

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Highlights of the Story

  • The App Store has tens of thousands of apps available for the Apple Watch.

  • Finding apps that are worth the time is crucial such as Strava for workouts, Google Maps for navigation, and so on.

  • Apps like Headspace can help with guided meditation while Todoist lets you remember your daily tasks.

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