Haier is one of the more reputed brands available in India. They’ve dabbled in multiple electronic product segments, with washing machines being one of their most popular ones. While you may consider the likes of Samsung, Whirlpool, or LG for washing machines, Haier washing machines also provide some excellent features. If you want to know…2023-03-03 11:50:305 Best Haier Washing Machines In India March 2023

5 Best Haier Washing Machines In India March 2023


If you want the best Haier washing machines on the market, check out our list. We’ve selected the best Haier products in multiple price segments!

Updated: 3rd Mar 2023, 11:50 IST
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    Haier HWM70-AE
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Haier is one of the more reputed brands available in India. They’ve dabbled in multiple electronic product segments, with washing machines being one of their most popular ones. While you may consider the likes of Samsung, Whirlpool, or LG for washing machines, Haier washing machines also provide some excellent features. If you want to know more about these products, we’re here to help. In fact, we’ve curated some of the best washing machines by Haier, so that you don’t have to scramble around and invest too much time in research. So, let’s jump into the list and check out these products!

Haier HWM70-AE

Haier HWM70-AE

We start our list with this top-loading Haier washing machine, one of their cheaper offerings. The washing machine is entirely automatic and equipped with Oceanus Wave Drum technology. The cube-shaped drum provides a better water flow, thereby increasing the effectiveness of each wash. Moreover, the Balance Clean Pulsator ensures that the detergent penetrates the clothes properly to remove the toughest of stains. When in a hurry, you can also set the washing machine for a quick, 15-minute wash, which is perfect for mildly soiled clothing. With eight washing programs, you can choose the machine wash that you need based on your requirements. Operating the device is also easy, thanks to the beautiful LED display panel. Overall, for a more affordable price, you’re getting quite a few nifty features.

Beautiful LED displayMost modes take a long time to wash
Eight wash programs based on your needs
Efficient in power consumption

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Haier HWM70-826NZP

Haier HWM70-826NZP best haier washing machines

For a good mid-range Haier washing machine, you could check out this Haier product. The device is equipped with various features such as the Oceanus Drum Wave technology for better water flow and a Dual Magic Filter for effective lint collecting. Furthermore, the Deep Plate Pulsator effectively cleans larger clothes and handles more delicate fabrics. Thanks to the Near Zero Pressure technology, the washing machine can sense the load and make the wash programs more efficient. Apart from this, the Softfall technology ensures that the lid remains in top condition through soft opening and closing. With eight unique wash programs, this Haier washing machine is also quite versatile.

Plenty of featuresDesign is outdated
Durable build quality
Great for washing and cleaning heavier clothes

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Haier HW60-10829NZP

Haier HW60-10829NZP

From top-loading washing machines, we move on to front-loading washing machines by Haier. This particular Haier product is one of the more affordable front-loading washing machines on the market. With the Muscular Drum technology, the machine ensures much better scrubbing and overall cleaning of your laundry. Additionally, the Anti-Bacterial technology and the fast 1000 RPM spin speed ensure that your clothes come out bacteria-free and as dry as possible. The machine is also able to intelligently sense the load and wash efficiently, due to the Near Zero Pressure technology. Lastly, the device allows you to customise the wash program based on your needs. Overall, it’s an excellent value for money Haier washing machine!

Efficient washing system6kg load-bearing capacity is relatively less
Super-fast spin cycles
Excellent build quality

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Haier HW70-IM12929

Haier HW70-IM12929 best haier washing machines

We now move on to the more premium range of Haier washing machines. This particular Haier product is a front-loading washing machine that includes an Inverter Motor for better stability and durability. There’s also a Super Drum, whose 525mm size ensures more effortless loading and unloading and improves the washing intensity. The device also functions at lower noise levels, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence-powered Dynamic Balance Technology. Moreover, the Puri Steam function combines both steam and water to provide an excellent wash by improving the detergent’s effectiveness, sanitising the clothing, and reducing wrinkles. Lastly, the machine comes with a 1200 RPM that provides super-fast drying of clothing.

Large drum sizeEach wash cycle takes a significant amount of time
Silent operation
Puri Steam technology provides an efficient wash

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Haier HW80-BD12756NZP

Haier HW80-BD12756NZP

We’d recommend this Haier washing machine to anyone for whom budget isn’t an issue. If you want to buy one of the best washing machines around, this Haier product is a viable contender. Although front-loading washing machines don’t provide too much loading capacity, this device tops it at 8kgs. Moreover, it’s powered by a Direct Motion Motor, which maximises the speed and minimises the abrasion on clothing. Its performance is made even better through the Laser Seamless Welding Drum. Despite all these features, the energy consumption is highly efficient, with an A+++ rating according to European standards. Basically, if budget isn’t a bar, you should definitely check out this product!

Completely modern featuresPrice may be off-putting to some buyers
Excellent performance and efficiency
Superior build quality

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Summing up

With a list of products such as this, Haier cements its position as one of India’s best electronic appliance companies. In this list, we’ve curated products based on different price ranges and specifications. The best Haier washing machines provide an excellent balance between features and longevity. If there are any other products that you prefer, let us know about them in the comment section. We’ll be sure to check them out!

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