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Easy Way To Get Your Oppo A9 Screen Repaired At A Low Price


Even if the phone is still functional, a cracked screen can hinder your entire mobile experience. It is difficult to use the buttons in any apps that appear along the crack. Here’s how you can get your Oppo A9 2020 Screen repaired.

- Updated: 2nd May 2022, 13:08 IST
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    Method 1: Cashify Repair
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    Method 2: Visit Oppo Service Centre

We will talk about your cracked Oppo A9 2020 screen that is still functional, a cracked screen can ruin the whole experience. It makes it difficult to access the buttons in any app that appears along the crack. The crack can disturb you even when viewing a video because it disrupts the smooth image.

You may consider having your Oppo A9 2020 screen repaired several times before giving up due to the high expense of the repairs. We offer a solution for you that will allow you to get it repaired at a low price without sacrificing your viewing experience. So keep reading to learn how to get your Oppo A9 2020 mobile repair on the cheap, in a few steps, and at your home.

Method 1: Cashify Repair

Cashify’s doorstep repair services can safely, efficiently, and affordably fix your Oppo A9 2020 screen:

  • Log in to your Cashify account or create an account if you’re new to the service.
  • Then, enter your phone’s brand to go to the Oppo A9 2020 Screen Replacement page.
  • Choose your phone colour from the list of options shown to you.
  • Now, from the list of options available, select the repairs you want for your phone and schedule an appointment.
  • Cashify in India can fix the Oppo A9 2020 screen for Rs 3,499, which is far less than what other platforms like Oppo or Huwaei stores charge.
  • Furthermore, your phone is repaired by a professional immediately in front of your eyes, at your doorway, via Cashify. This contributes to total openness and privacy.
  • A six-month warranty and a seven-day money-back guarantee are included with each repair.

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Method 2: Visit Oppo Service Centre

If you don’t want to service from Cashify, you can get your Oppo A9 2020’s screen fixed at an Oppo service centre near you:

  • Original parts are used to fix your phone, which is extremely pricey. As a result, regular smartphone consumers will find it difficult to get their Oppo A9 2020 screen repaired here.
  • In India, the typical cost of having an Oppo A9 2020 screen repaired at an Oppo Service Centre is around Rs 4000-5000, which is quite costly. In addition, unlike Cashify, where your phone is mended at your home, your phone is not repaired at Cashify. You will have to visit these centres several times, and the outcomes may still be a mystery to you.

The Oppo A9 2020 has a stunning display that will captivate any user. It would be pretty disappointing if you were to give up this opportunity because of a minor scratch or screen damage. Why hunt for other methods when you can get your Oppo A9 2020 screen repaired for a reasonable price and with a warranty? So, if you want a hassle-free and safe experience, try getting your repairs done through Cashify.

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You may also go to the Oppo A9 2020 page on Cashify to get the newest reviews, news, and tips & tricks for your phone and stay updated on everything new.


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