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New Instagram Features You Need To Use Immediately For Content!


Whether you’re a casual social media user or a content creator, new Instagram features are always exciting to know about. In this article, we’ve covered everything we know about the new features coming to Instagram!

- Updated: 6th May 2022, 13:03 IST
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    What are the new Instagram features?
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    Creator Tags For Better Recognition?
    • Steps to add enhanced tags
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There have been talks of Instagram testing a new feature that will rival the look and feel provided by TikTok. Apparently, with these new Instagram features, the app’s user interface will change significantly. Ever since the ban of TikTok in some countries, Instagram has been trying to fill the void left by it. It wasn’t so long ago that Instagram introduced Stories as a feature. Unsurprisingly, the Stories feature grew to a point where it now generates massive revenue for the social media platform. After this, Instagram added the Reels feature.

Reels was a feature that was directly inspired by TikTok, with vertical, short videos dominating the app’s engagement numbers. Even now, Instagram’s Reels continue to bring in mammoth engagement numbers. To increase the user base and make it more familiar for users of TikTok and other such apps, Instagram is now testing a new feature that will replicate the TikTok user interface.

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What are the new Instagram features?

This new Instagram feature turns your entire feed into full screen. This feature stems directly from the user interface of TikTok and makes it easier for users to engage with short-form vertical content. Content of this nature includes Posts and Reels. The app itself will be shown in full-screen, including all the content that users are engaging with. Users will also be able to scroll in fullscreen mode.

The idea behind this is quite simple. Basically, Instagram is trying to bring its content around Reels. Moreover, since Reels are more user-friendly than long-form content, there are reports that Reels count for 20% of people’s scrolling habits. This statistic was reported by Meta and can be viewed here.

Furthermore, there is a slight chance that Stories would be integrated into the complete layout of the app. However, since Instagram makes money through Story ads, it won’t be an excellent option for users if they’re browsing content and have to go through advertisements in the middle. Until then, Instagram might continue to put the Stories tabs at the top of the screen. Once they figure out their monetisation behaviour, Stories could be integrated into the new layout.

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Creator Tags For Better Recognition?

Another new feature of Instagram is for creators struggling to receive recognition. The enhanced tags added to the app will help collaborators get their due credit for their projects. These enhanced tags are already available on Instagram for Posts. People can add their self-designated profile category to the Peoples tag section. This will help creators get recognition for the work that they’ve done in a particular post.

Moreover, since Instagram is trying to make its content around Reels, these enhanced tags will also be available for Reels. Additionally, this will allow creators to get more recognition through a format that receives more engagement.

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Steps to add enhanced tags

Instagram enhanced tags

If you’re a content creator on Instagram, here’s how you can add enhanced tags to your posts.

  • Open your Instagram app and profile, and tap the Plus (+) sign at the top-right corner.
  • Start a new Post and then select Next.
  • Make whatever edits you have to, and choose Next again.
  • Add your caption, and select the Tag People option.
  • Choose Add Tag option and check the contributors that you want to add.
  • You’ll then have the opportunity to choose the Show profile category section. Select the appropriate Creator category and press Done.
  • Add whatever details you need to after this, and then Share the post.


Since Instagram has added these new features, primarily revolving around TikTok, there’s a lot of change headed our way. Social media engagement is bound to change, and these monetisation changes will take place over the years. Moreover, Instagram has stated that it will favour original Reels more in the coming days. There are bound to be some changes in how we engage with Instagram in the future. Get ready to use a full-screen interface that will show you Reels, long-form videos, and static posts in endless vertical scrolling.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram is now aiming to take over the void left by TikTok in the Indian social media space. There have been talks of some new Instagram features being tested, likely to be centred around Reels and content creators.
  • We’ve covered everything you need to know about these features here!

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