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Acer Suspends Business in Russia Due To Ukraine Crisis

- Updated: 11th Apr 2022, 10:28 IST
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    Acer No More In Russia: Know More

Acer, a Taiwanese technology firm, made announcements on Friday. It would cease all operations in Russia. Self-ruled Taiwan has been closely monitoring the conflict in Ukraine and has quickly joined the international sanctions against Russia. The invasion has fueled fears that China will one day renege on its threats to annex its smaller neighbour.

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Acer said in a statement that it has decided to halt operations in Russia. “The company is focused on the safety of all of its employees. It includes ongoing efforts to assist every individual and their families affected by the current situation.”

Taiwan’s government recently listed 57 “strategic high-tech commodities” subject to stricter export controls, including computers, telecommunications, and avionics devices, as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

According to Statista, it has the second-largest PC market share in Russia. It accounts for 16.8 percent of shipments in Q4 2021. Lenovo (with a market share of 18.5 percent) and Asus (with a market share of 15.6 percent) rounded out the top three.

Acer No More In Russia: Know More


If exporters want to ship controlled items to Russia, they must first obtain permission from the Bureau of Foreign Trade. The island is a major microchip manufacturing hub and home to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world’s largest contract chipmaker (TSMC). Another major Taiwanese computer manufacturer, Asus, announced last month that its shipments to Russia were “at a standstill” due to the war.

Acer’s announcement comes just days after Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov published a letter to Asus chairman Jonney Shih urging the company to “terminate any relationships” with Russia.

Fedorov, Ukraine’s digital minister, has also urged multinational technology companies. Companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and PayPal to cease operations in Russia. A growing number of multinational corporations, ranging from McDonald’s to Adidas and Samsung, have suspended or curtailed operations in Russia.

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While many tech companies have been pulling business since the invasion began, some are going even further as international outrage grows. Intel announced on Tuesday that it would close all operations in Russia, including its 1,200-person workforce. Initially, the chipmaker based in Santa Clara, California, complied with US sanctions that required tech companies to cut supply and sales.

According to Yale’s report, over 600 companies have left Russia. Other companies that went out of business but kept their operations running received higher grades. Companies that completely ceased operations received a “A” grade, going above and beyond current US sanctions that call for a business ban.

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