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BGMI India Open Challenge 2022: Two Teams Banned From Tournament

- Updated: 4th May 2022, 13:49 IST

With the BGMI Open Challenge 2022 ongoing, Krafton has just announced that two more teams are now banned during the tournament. Earlier during the tournament, several other teams, including Won’t Forgive and Able Esports got a ban for rule violations of the BMOC Rulebook. Now, two more teams namely, Infinity X and Blac Official face a ban for the use of illicit applications and actions.

Now, the third round of the BMOC for BGMI Open Challenge 2022 begins on May 5, 2022, through May 8, 2022. To decide the final 32 teams, a total of 64 squads will battle in a best-of-six format. In an effort to prevent hackers from spoiling the game, Krafton has also put a lot of effort into security. They have also implemented the GAC anti-cheat app to help them scan for cheaters.

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The BMOC, although cheating and rule violations, is celebrating a great success so far – with audiences tuning in. Esports is right now a big focus for Krafton. Especially they announced four major tournaments for 2022 at the start of the year. They are BGMI open challenge 2022, BGMI Pro series 2022 season 1 and season 2 and BGMI Series 2022.

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Now, the banned team, Blac played in Group 10 whereas Infinity played in Group 1. In the second round of BMOC, both teams had one chicken dinner each. A few days back, Krafton banned more than 40 teams for violating the rules. This proactivity by Krafton is getting appreciation from players and fans. Now, let us see some details of the game happening right now.

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Round 3 will take place over 4 days, starting May 5, 2022, as the 4 groups play 6 matches each. At end of Day 4, the top 6 teams from each group will qualify for Round 4 of the BGMI Open Challenge.

Round 4 is the final stage of the BMOC as the top 32 teams from the Online Qualifiers face off against the 32 invited teams. The teams will be seeded into 4 groups and each group will play a total of 6 matches. The top 6 teams from each group will finally qualify for the BGMI Pro Series. This kicks off on May 19, 2022. The BMPS will take place over 2 stages – the League Stage and the Grand Finals.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Two teams were disqualified from Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) for using third-party software.
  • The schedule for Round 3 of the BMOC is also now available.
  • Krafton has implemented the GAC anti-cheat app to help them scan for cheaters.