Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 is coming in September and will have a tonne of new content. It is titled “Train to Nowhere.” This includes a brand-new battle pass and the Express multiplayer map. It also has the Spycraft perk, the Igniter Battle Royale class, two new weapons, and many more things.

There are many reasons to be happy. So keep reading to learn when the COD Mobile Season 8 update will be released.

There are many brand-new features and content in COD Mobile Season 8. From the new themed event Operation: Spy Hunt to completing brand-new seasonal challenges. Players are therefore anxious to analyse the new seasonal update. But in order to do so, they must know precisely when COD Mobile Season 8 will launch.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Official Statement

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COD Mobile: Season 8 – Release Date & Time

This game brings a tonne of new stuff when it debuts in September. This includes a brand-new battle pass, the Express multiplayer map, the Spycraft perk, the Igniter Battle Royale class, two new weapons, and many more things.

CODM Season 8: Train to Nowhere launches on September 7 at 5 PM PT which is 5:30 AM IST.

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COD Mobile: Season 8 – Start Date & Time

The eighth season of Call of Duty: Mobile, titled Train to Nowhere, debuts on September 7 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT; this corresponds to September 8 in Europe and Asia at 2 a.m. CET / 1 a.m. BST.

As far as we know, there won’t be any downtime for the patch. You will only need to download the Season 8 patch once it goes live because maintenance and update deployment will happen in the background. You may start playing the new season right now after downloading the update.

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What’s new in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8?

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Free Tiers for Battle Pass

The new ZRG 20mm bolt-action Sniper Rifle, unlocked at Tier 21, and the new BR Class – Igniter, unlocked at Tier 14, are both included in this season’s free Battle Pass DLC. A variety of camos, weapon blueprints, and the Spider Chow Calling Card at Tier 50 are additional free goodies for this season.

Tiers of Premium Pass

Get the Battle Pass to unlock new Operator Skins, including Misty — Undercover, Seraph — Double Agent, Vanguard — Nocturnal Elite, and Adler — Dapper. Also, all of the material is accessible in the Spy vs Spy stream. Stylized Weapon Blueprints for the M13, CBR4, S36, M4, and the new ZRG 20mm are among the additional premium awards.

Battle Pass Ground Forces Subscription

A new AK-47 Weapon Blueprint, Backpack Skin, and Park — Double Agent Operator Skin are also available to players that subscribe to the Battle Pass Ground Forces. Additionally, you’ll benefit from seasonal 10% increases to your Player XP and Weapon XP as well as price reductions on specific Crate purchases.

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Express: New Map

Express was first featured in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. It is a high-speed rail transportation hub. Here Operators engage in combat both within the terminal and outside on the rails. Its half-circle layout has several long shots and narrow passages. You may either climb up to the southern power position. And can also shoot at the opponents below by traversing the parked train to flank them from one platform to the next.


It is a new perk that lets you hack enemy goods on the ground. And also utilise them for your own purposes, giving your enemies a taste of their own medicine. For the ability to hack the Trophy System, Trip Mine, SAM Turret, Sentry Gun, Transform Shield, and Munitions Box, complete the Seasonal Challenge to get the Perk. They’ll begin to function to your advantage after the manual hack is finished.

The igniter

Use the new Igniter Battle Royale class to lure your opponents into burning pits. This class may set down blazing tar traps that burn and slow adversary Operators who enter the ring of fire. If you’re trying to make a clean getaway or are staging a standoff, these traps are ideal for cutting off access to key sites because they last for many seconds apiece.

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