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Google To Launch New Handshake Emoji In 22 Skin Tones

- Updated: 4th May 2021, 21:32 IST

We already have a white and yellow-toned handshake emoji, but Google is planning to release 22 new skin tones in handshake emojis! This remarkable addition would need two new emoji hands, a right hand in all the various skin tone and left in the different skin tone shades as it will make ‘the old handshake emoji’ new again.

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The process started in 2019, as Jennifer Daniel, Google Creative Director, proposed to Unicode the addition of 25 possible combinations of different skin tones handshake emoji and expected to arrive on devices in 2021, but because of technical work and Covid-19 delayed the release of this multi-skin tone handshake emoji. But now finally it’s on its way.

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“Every time we add a new emoji, there is a risk it could exclude people without our consciously knowing it. The best we can do is ensure emoji continue to be as broad, flexible and fluid as possible. Just like language. Just like you,” Daniel said in a statement.

Following the trend, Samsung, Facebook, and others services are updating some new emojis soon this year. Out of all the emojis, a multi-skin tone handshake emoji is one of them and are likely to launch in 2022.

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Accordingly, Apple has also come up with a new update of the iOS 14.5 version for iPhones, and also updated new emojis to show your feelings in more detail. It is said that they will add around 441 emojis in a single OS update.