Back in August itself, we came to know of Netflix integrating a Games section within their streaming app. Previously, the Netflix Games service rolled out in and was limited to Poland. However, last week, the service went officially globally and even arrived in India.

Now, Netflix for iOS is reportedly in the works. However, it will be different from what we saw on Android. So, without any further ado, let us take a quick look at how Netflix Games for iOS will be different from its Android counterpart.

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Netflix Games for iOS Vs Android

Netflix Games for iOS

Apple is known for its strict security measures and in this case, things will be no different. Unlike the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store is not liberal to all. The App Store’s policies go against all-in-one third party gaming services. Now, this is exactly where the Netflix Games for iOS service starts to differ from the Android version.

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On Netflix Games for Android, we got to see the service launch with five titles. These five titles were integrated within the Netflix streaming app itself. So, users pretty much got an all-in-one application. However, because of Apple App Store policies, users will have to download and install the games individually from the store. In other words, the games will not be integrated within the app.

Previously, we saw Microsoft and Google being prevented from releasing their cloud gaming services on the Apple App Store as well. Apple’s policies required games to be individually submitted for preview. Therefore, both Microsoft and Google launched their cloud gaming services on iOS via web apps. Now, Netflix Games have had to find a workaround the strict Apple policies as well.

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So yes, it will definitely not be as hassle-free as the Android version of the Netflix gaming service. Users will not be getting the dedicated tab integrated within the Netflix streaming app. Instead, to make use of the Netflix Games service, they will have to separately head over to the Apple App Store, download and play the games.