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Sandes: Indian Government’s New Alternative To WhatsApp

By Yeti - 
18th Feb 2021
sandes app

In the era of working from home, society is moving towards instant messaging services for communication. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application. However, people are doubting the privacy policy of WhatsApp. There are various communication apps like zoom and messenger for video conferencing. The thing is that they are all International. The need for Indian instant messaging was rising in this Lockdown.

Indian government officials were facing the need for instant messaging services. When it comes to confidentiality, the Indian government can never be careless. So, to fulfill that need and become more careful, the Indian government came up with the Sandes app. The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is the developer of this app.

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Sandesh is an instant messaging application that falls under the government instant messaging system (GIMS). This application is available to the general public and government officials of the country. Any user can sign up with his or her mobile number or Email Id. The application provides all the necessary features of an instant messaging app. 

Beta Testing Ongoing

Currently, only beta testers with an official government ID can install this app. Downloading the app is very simple and is available for both Android and iOS. The user can simply go to Play Store or Apple Store to download the application. He or she can install the app and register through his or her mobile number. 

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The users can sync their contact to the application. The user will immediately know if their friends are on Sandes or not. The government will be using this application for inter and intra-organizational communication. This application will provide much-needed privacy to government officials. At first, it was a government-only communication application. But now, it will be available to the general public, after some testing. The privacy policy of the application claims that the system cannot read any personal or group conversations. 


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