Users attempting to silence groups or individual messages for a week may get an error notice. You will see this error while using WhatsApp’s most recent update for iOS devices, version The mute time is automatically changed by the WhatsApp bug from “1 week” to “8 hours”. However, there is no problem if a user selects “8 hours” or “Always” as the duration. Users of WhatsApp for iOS who have upgraded the app to the most recent version are the only ones who can access this. The mute time restrictions are effective for those who are still using earlier versions.

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Users of WhatsApp for iOS who have updated the most recent update with version number are experiencing a glitch. When trying to silence a group or individual message for a week. WhatsApp appears to be adjusting the time frame to “8 hours”. On the iOS test devices, the problem appears to be present.

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More Details about WhatsApp Bug on iOS

WhatsApp Bug on iOS

According to information on WhatsApp Version History, the most recent version was released on August 31 and includes many upgrades, some of which “will roll out over in the following weeks.” On iOS devices, the WhatsApp glitch is only visible to users who have updated to the most recent version of the program. For those who are still using previous versions of the app, the mute duration limitations function as intended.

In a similar development, iPhone devices running iOS 10 or iOS 11 will shortly stop supporting WhatsApp. According to reports, the modifications will go into effect on October 24. Users of older iPhone models will need to update their devices to iOS 12 or subsequent versions in order to prevent this and continue using WhatsApp.

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Users of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c must update to a newer iPhone model starting on October 24 in order to continue using WhatsApp. Users will have to purchase a new phone that works with WhatsApp in order to keep using the messaging service.