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WhatsApp Group Chat Mute To Arrive, Know More

- Updated: 12th Nov 2022, 11:38 IST
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    Automatic Group Chats Mute
    • What To Do If You Want To Still Receive Messages?
    • When Will It Be Available?

WhatsApp has been releasing and developing new features focussing on user privacy. Currently, the messenger app is beta testing ways to reduce notification overload on user accounts. WhatsApp group chat mute will be done by automatically muting group notifications. While this is done when the groups exceed a certain number of members. This marks them as large groups.

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Now, this step comes after the instant messaging and voice-over-IP service increased its group chat participants limit. The limit switched from 256 to 1,024 people.

Automatic Group Chats Mute

WhatsApp Group Chat Mute
WhatsApp Group Chat Mute

It was done in order to encourage more business and work-related usage of the platform. This potentially enabled WhatsApp to rival other platforms such as Slack.

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The report by WABetaInfo states that the app has released a WhatsApp beta version It has a new feature in which groups with over 256 participants were automatically muted by default.

Moreover, this automatic trigger will be applied to groups that have already crossed the 256-member threshold. This may have taken place at the time of the user joining the particular group.

However, WhatsApp will now automatically mute groups after the groups welcome their 257th participant.

What To Do If You Want To Still Receive Messages?

Now if the users want to continue receiving messages from such large groups they have to manually choose the option. For enabling this option users to have to long-press the group chat. This will be present in the chat listing menu. Then select the unmute option. This may work if the group is well-moderated. Also if it interests you to join the conversation.

The report suggests that an alert will automatically pop up on the user account’s group chat screen. It will notify the user that the group has automatically been muted. As to reduce the notification clutter.

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When Will It Be Available?

WhatsApp’s latest beta update will be made available over the next few days. However, it will be only on Android devices. It will be through Google Play Beta Program. The version number is