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Zoom Report: 90% Of Indians Feel Video Call Helps Combat Loneliness

By Yeti - 
13th May 2021
Zoom call

Zoom reports that 90% of Indians feel video call helps fight loneliness. Not only has it helped people in their businesses to be flexible, but video calling has also helped people stay connected.

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Zoom Call Survey

Zoom call

This is according to a survey which included 7,689 respondents from the US, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore and Australia, from March 15 to March 26, 2021. And, around 1,007 respondents were from India. About 90 per cent of respondents feel that video calls have helped them fight the emotions of loneliness. 

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The survey was led by video-conferencing platform Zoom, along with Qualtrics Research. It revealed that 50 per cent of respondents used video calls for business purposes.

In its report, Zoom said that 72% of people in India used various video calls for education purposes. While 62% said they used it for social gatherings and celebrations.

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“India adjusted and adopted video call platforms rapidly. It wasn’t just a shift in technology. But in behavioural mindset as well,”

Sameer Raje, General Manager & Head of India, Zoom

Zoom’s usage skyrocketed in the onset of the pandemic, but it remains to be seen whether the app will continue to be used in the same capacity as the world reopens after the pandemic.


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