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Google Assistant Gets New Features For Mother’s Day

By Yeti - 
10th May 2021
Google Assistant

Google Assistant has introduced an update which adds some new features keeping Moms around the world in mind.

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On May 6th, Google announced in its blog post that it is bringing new entertainment content. Also, a family bell feature and an enhanced broadcast messaging feature.

The Google update brings you a new story mode that includes the Harry Potter books. It has also added three new songs similar to the handwashing songs it introduced last year. Google will also be offering an enhanced broadcast messaging facility and a family bell feature, including some new games.

Bedtime Song/Story Narration

Google assistant

Google Assistant has added story narration and new songs for kids at bedtime. You can access it by any smart display or Android device. It can narrate any story on Google library. On devices like the Google Nest Hub, kids can also play games like ‘Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?’

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Broadcast Feature

Google Assistant’s enhanced broadcast feature lets you send a broadcast message to all family members over devices. These could be smartphones, Google Home, Google Nest as an example. The good thing is that the feature is not limited to Android devices. iOS users who use Google Assistant will also get the broadcast message.

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Family Bell

Finally, but importantly, Google already launched the Family Bell feature back in August 2020. But the new update improved it, and now user can set reminders for one or more people in the family. This feature also works to set alarms for recess or nap time.

This feature will soon work with other languages like Hindi, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.


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