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7 Unique Instagram Features You Must Know About In 2024!


Instagram has been the most popular social media platform for years. However, every passing year, the app caters to its growing user base with new features. Here are seven new features in 2023 you should know about.

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:08 IST
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    What are Some of the Unique Instagram Features in 2023?
    • 1. Control Features for Users
    • 2. Paid Verification 
    • 3. GIF Replies for Commenting on Posts
    • 4. Longer Instagram Stories 
    • 5. Multiple Link Support
    • 6. Group Profiles 
    • 7. Reels Templates for Easier Content Creation

Social Media has become sort of an integral part of our day-to-day life, be it for making connections or just passing time, we tend to go to sites such as Instagram and X quite often. The former, a product of Meta is one that has been the leader in image-based social media for years, with over 2 billion users enjoying Instagram. 

Having said that, it is interesting to note that whilst the demand for Instagram has not faltered, the makers of the app seem to deem the need for new features here and there. We will try to list out 7 such new features that every Instagram user should know about before using the application in 2023. 

What are Some of the Unique Instagram Features in 2023?

Whilst Threads, an alternative to Twitter and Koo is garnering all the headlines, we will focus more on Meta’s flagship product, Instagram. Recently, there have been multiple incremental updates that bring with them unique Instagram features and tools that make using the application a tad bit more fun. 

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1. Control Features for Users

Enable quiet mode instagram

With unique Instagram features popping up every few weeks, these control features come in handy quite a lot. Three new tools are being introduced as part of the first major upgrade. Namely, Quiet Mode, Multi-Select for content that you are not interested in and Hidden Words to Recommendations. These tools will help you manage time on the app, to prevent the horrible doomscrolling that we are all victim to. 

Quiet Mode will let users specify a specific duration of a day or week wherein they wish to not be interrupted by notifications. Once you select the same, if someone texts you, they will receive an automated response from your phone, to ensure the other person does not misinterpret it to be something else. 

This will ultimately help you reduce your overall screen time on the app. Furthermore, the application will also provide a summary of the notifications that arrived during the specified period, as soon as Quiet Mode turns off.

The next feature allows the user to hide certain words they might not like so they do not appear in recommendations. This is a welcome change from the previous model, wherein one could only hide DMs or comments on posts. Now, you can hide a certain topic and your feed will exempt content that relates to the word that you have hidden.

Users can also select multiple posts at a time from their for-you page to remove or hide. This will now make removing content you do not like much easier. 

2. Paid Verification 

paid meta verification on instagram

Instagram has made it easier to get verified, with users getting the option to seek verification by paying Rs 699 on Android and iOS. This is a tad bit cheaper in comparison to rates in other regions. To verify your ID you will need to submit a government ID proof, after which you will get a blue tick on your account. 

This will make seeking connections and contacts much easier for upcoming and budding influencers and users as a whole since people associate the verified tag with fame and popularity. 

3. GIF Replies for Commenting on Posts

GIF Replies for Commenting on Posts

Have you ever wanted to comment on a GIF that perfectly describes what you want to convey under a friend’s Instagram post? Well, Instagram has made that easier in recent times, with the introduction of a new feature that allows users to send GIFs are replies when commenting on a post. 

It is quite similar to the GIF option that you see when trying to respond to someone’s Story on IG. The feature uses Giphy and the various GIFs in its catalogue. You can make use of this feature by tapping the comment button under a post. The GIF button will show up, you just need to select a GIF of your choice and hit send. 

Whilst this might not seem to be that big of a deal, it makes interactions even more fun for users and will allow you to articulate your point further, without having to tediously type down your thoughts or emotions. 

4. Longer Instagram Stories 

Longer Instagram Stories - unique instagram features

If you have ever posted a story that contains a long video or a reel that is over 15 seconds long, you might have been annoyed by how the app tends to cut the video or reel after a mere 15 seconds, forcing viewers to go to the original post to see what you tried to share. 

Well, now that issue will no longer exist, since Instagram has increased the duration for video sharing on stories, with 60 seconds being the new limit. This means that any video that is 60 seconds or less will properly show up on your story, without being split into multiples of 15. This reduces the annoyance faced by viewers when trying to see a funny reel or an edit that you wish to share. 

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5. Multiple Link Support

Multiple Link Support Instagram

Have you ever tried to share links to your various other profiles or websites and faced an issue with Instagram’s Bio options? You might have chosen to resort to options like LinkTree, but no more. Instagram has released an update that allows you to share multiple links through your profile. 

All you need to do is tap on the Edit Profile option in the Profile section, navigate to the Add External Link option and then drag and drop the web links to sites or profiles that you wish to show others. Do note that it is order-based, so the links will show up in the order you have dropped them on your profile. 

6. Group Profiles 

Group Profiles Instagram - unique instagram features

One of the unique Instagram features is Group Profiles which was recently introduced. This allows users to collaborate on a larger scale, whilst posting on a single page. This will allow friends or partners to post in a shared manner, without having to tag each other or revert to other pages. This will be in the interest of collaborations.

Once a group profile has been made, you need to click on the Plus (+) option at the top of the page. A drop-down menu listing content types will show up, wherein you can choose whether you want to share a story, a reel or a post. Worry not, since your personal profile will not be impacted by this, with the group post or story being limited to the group profile only. 

Much like your own IG page, you can tag fellow users, add a location and even type captions of your choice. You can share the same as well. 

7. Reels Templates for Easier Content Creation

Reels Templates for Easier Content Creation Instagram

This is a nifty little addition for budding content creators, with Instagram making editing reels a bit easier on the part of the user. It is doing so by adding Templates of Reels pre-loaded inside the app by other creators. All you have to do is upload content of your choice, with elements like timing being pre-decided making content creation much easier. 

To use this feature, all you have to do is Swipe up from your Gallery that shows up on Instagram. Then, you need to click on the Templates option and choose one of your choice, with an audio of your choice.

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