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8 Ways To Make Your Old Laptop Feel New Again


Working on the same and old laptop, again and again, will make it slower with time. After three year period of time, your laptop makes you feel that you are using an old and slower laptop. Readout further to find out how you can make it new in no time.

- Updated: 10th May 2022, 10:48 IST
  • 1
    Clean Your Laptop
  • 2
  • 3
    Install SSD
  • 4
    Get more RAM
  • 5
    Step up your OS
  • 6
    Get rid of Malware or Bloatware
  • 7
    Ease the startup burden
  • 8
    Get Faster Wireless Adapters

PCs appear to turn out to be slower as they age. Any individual who has saved a PC for over three years has run into this issue. There are purposes behind this. Working frameworks will quite often turn out to be more asset hungry over the long haul, equipment ages, and the extravagance felt during the main long periods of PC possession blurs. This is why certain individuals purchase new PCs often, yet there are ways of causing a more seasoned model to feel new once more.

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Follow this article to know about 8 ways to make your PC feel as good as new!

Clean Your Laptop

To start with renewing your old laptop, you must take to cleaning it. A layer of dust and dirt on display or in the keypad can make your PC look unattended and mismanaged. You might want to use compressed air pressure to clean out dust particles that settle in the nook and corner of your device’s hardware.


The next obvious step would be: decluttering. Get rid of various programs or games that lie unattended on your device and take up unnecessary space. It will help your PC get a breather. You can also get away with non-useful extensions on your browser. These add-on extensions often low down browsing speed.

Install SSD

SSD or solid-state drive has proved to be more efficient than a DVD drive. More regrettable, the modest drives found in numerous workstations commonly have lazy access times. This can cause it to show up as though your PC is hanging. In addition, a strong state drive is less unstable than the moving pieces of common mechanical hard drives as it utilizes flash memory.

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Get more RAM

RAM or Random Access Memory is the default equipment overhaul suggestion. New Operating systems regularly feel slow not because there’s inadequate handling power but rather because there’s a lack of access memory. Getting more RAM is also suggested to those who have intensive software or platforms like Adobe.

Step up your OS

 OSs can go out of place over the long haul. Ideally, you ought to have the option to fix any issues by uninstalling programming, erasing terrible vault passages, and so forth. But actually, it appears as though there is a point where this becomes purposeless, or the work required is not precisely reinstalling the OS. So you can either go for resetting your OS, say Windows, for example, or reinstalling the same. Make sure to back up all your data before proceeding.

Get rid of Malware or Bloatware

Bloatware or PUPs are unwanted software that can slow down your PC’s speed. Similarly, Malware often sits around in your device for over a sufficiently long time and causes the snail speed of your laptop. You should look out for that pre-installed bloatware, and as far as Malwares are concerned, there are several security suites available to help you avoid your device catching up malware from the web.

Ease the startup burden

 As your PC gets more established, increasingly, more of the applications you introduce will need to fire up simultaneously as the OS. As this rundown develops and incorporates more things that you don’t require, it can genuinely affect the time it takes for your PC to start.

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Get Faster Wireless Adapters

 Faster double band adapters cost a smidgen more by and large. However, they are as yet sensible. An 802.11n USB 2.0 adapter of 150 Mbps can be a faster option for a lot of users.

It is natural for a device to be worn out after an overhaul. But you can opt-in for these easy steps to redo your device’s update and renew it as well as new!


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