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Apple Vision Pro Features: All I Expect From The Reveal!


Apple is set to launch its first-ever 3D camera, and when Apple does its first, it’s always just waiting. Here’s all that I expect from Apple Vision Pro features that are already projected to give a tough fight to the existing market players.

- Updated: 31st Jan 2024, 13:40 IST
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    Apple Vision Pro Features That Are Garnering Attention
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    My Expectations From Apple Vision Pro Features Reveal
    • Comfort Is The Priority
    • The Infinite Display
    • Multitasking Has A New Face!
    • The True Power Of Productivity
    • Less Communication Barriers
    • Apple Vision Pro Guest Mode
    • Apple Vision Pro Travel Mode
    • Larger Than Life Gaming Sessions
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    The Apple Vision Pro Battery Backpack
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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Wrapping Up

Apple Vision Pro is on the verge of its much-anticipated launch, and tech enthusiasts like me could not be excited more. Considering the new features that the Apple Vision Pro is expecting to drop, I can only wait to try my hands on these features and tell you all about it.

Obviously, multiple VR headset gadgets have been launched previously. But the craze of Apple is simply unmatched. We all know how the brand is known to launch the best products when it comes to design, comfort, and breakthrough technology.

apple vision pro features

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Apple Vision Pro Features That Are Garnering Attention

The Apple Vision Pro is packed with some seriously revolutionary features:

  1. 3D Interface: You can control it with your eyes, hands, and voice.
  2. 3D Camera: It has Apple’s first-ever 3D camera, which means you can take pictures and videos that feel super immersive. You’ll be able to feel like you’re right there in the moment when you look back at them. It also has a high-quality colour camera that will keep your images looking sharp and steady.
  3. Eye and Face Tracking: This will track your eyes and face. It has sensors to measure depth using LiDAR and TrueDepth Technology.
  4. Smooth Display: The screen has a 90Hz refresh rate, making everything super smooth. And there’s even a special mode that bumps it up to 96Hz for certain things.
  5. visionOS Software: This is the brain behind the magic. It’s designed to make gaming, watching stuff, and talking to friends seamless and super enjoyable.
  6. Control: You can do a ton of things just by moving your eyes or hands. You can also connect it with your Game Controller to play more than 250 games in the Apple Arcade.
  7. Supercharged Chips: Inside, it’s got the M2 chip that makes it super fast. And there’s a special new chip, the R1, that’s all about making the real world look and feel amazing.

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My Expectations From Apple Vision Pro Features Reveal

Let’s look at the things which you can expect from this beautiful and new-age gadget:

Comfort Is The Priority

You cannot ignore the fact that most of the VR and AR headsets in the market currently are notoriously known for their inconvenient design and discomfort. The long hours of device usage for any gadget, be it a mobile phone, earbuds, etc., are known to bring inconvenience to users.

However, with the high price that Vision Pro is expected to peg itself at, it is a mere expectation from users like me to get the utmost plush and cushion design that allows long usage hours and does not result in headaches, eyestrain, or drowsiness.

The Infinite Display

Those pixelated displays and the good old desktop computers are now a thing of the past. With the Apple Vision Pro, the infinite display is going to stretch beyond our possibilities. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a graphic designer, engineer, doctor, or just somebody looking out for infinite entertainment, the Apple Vision Pro is not going to disappoint you.

Just think of pulling a 3D model of a building you are working on, reviewing it or working on it with just your hand gestures and looking out for real-time updates. Imagine watching a 360-degree view of your favourite monument or a concert, just feeling like you’re there already! This is a world where our digital creations will become our new realities.

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Multitasking Has A New Face!

Multitasking is the need of the hour. There are times when multitasking on a desktop computer, or your MacBook will feel like you are part of a circus. The Apple Vision Pro is surely going to liberate us with this. Just with a glaze, you might be able to check your emails or compose a new one without roaming your fingers around your keyboard.

There will be no more missed notifications and no more juggling between apps on your laptop screen – just a plan and simple operation of information around you like the perfect digital assistant.

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The True Power Of Productivity

When it comes to workspaces, we are talking about a 360-degree transformation with the Apple Vision Pro! With this gadget, you can create your own digital workspace, surrounded by an infinite display showcasing all your projects at once, collaborate with your whole team with ease, and much more!

Those whiteboards and companion mode are going to react with your touch and glance. Brainstorming sessions are going to be smarter and faster, unleashing productivity. With this, you will be able to do more things in your limited timeframe.

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Less Communication Barriers

With all the social media platforms and video calls on the go, I would say that it’s easy to stay connected with your friends and family. But with the Apple Vision Pro, it is going to be even easier to communicate with people. There will no longer be language barriers; it is not going to confine your communication.

This amazing gadget is going to translate conversations in real time and even go one step further with interpreting body language. Maybe even analysing facial expressions to have a deeper insight into the emotions of other people.

I am not just talking about translating in real-time; the Apple Vision Pro is even going to help you learn a new language simply by interacting more with native speakers.

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Apple Vision Pro Guest Mode

The Apple Vision Pro Guest Mode allows owners to share their headset with family and friends while keeping control over sensitive information. It appears that the Guest Mode will bypass the Optic ID requirement, which normally unlocks the device with iris scanning. This mode restricts access to certain apps like Photos and Safari to protect the primary user’s data, such as Apple ID settings, passcodes, and health information.

However, guest users can still access specific app content, like large photo attachments in Messages, when the Settings app is open. Moreover, Vision Pro’s Guest Mode includes an automatic shutdown if the headset is not worn for five minutes.

Apple Vision Pro Travel Mode

Travel mode on the Apple Vision Pro stabilizes visuals, making the experience smoother for users when wearing the headset in situations like aeroplanes or other relatively less bumpy vehicles. It’s designed to enhance user comfort during travel.

However, it’s important to note that Apple emphasizes a crucial safety precaution, explicitly advising against using the Vision Pro while operating any moving vehicle.

Larger Than Life Gaming Sessions

One of the features I feel is less talked about is that Apple Vision Pro is likely to bring in a revolution in the gaming industry, with it being the ultimate gaming paradise. With Apple Arcade on board, you’ve got access to more than 250 games! You can also connect the Apple Vision Pro with your Game Controller and get started on playing these games. It’s that simple! It will be your choice if you want to play them in classic 2D or explore the immersive experiences they offer.

And you know what’s more amazing? They’ve cooked up some special games exclusively designed for this device, called “spatial games.” These Spatial Games are next-level experiences, like Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja. They’re tailor-made to make the most out of the Vision Pro’s capabilities, promising a gaming adventure like nothing before!

The Apple Vision Pro Battery Backpack

Users will now have the convenience to get an external battery backpack for their Apple Vision Pro. This backpack will allow users up to 24 hours of general use and up to 30 hours of video playback.

This is going to great for people who are planning to use this for a longer duration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Apple Vision Pro available?

Ans: Yes, Apple Vision Pro will be available with 256GB of storage. Pre-orders start on Friday, January 19, at 5 a.m. PST, and availability begins on Friday, February 2, 2024.

2. Is Apple Vision Pro available in India?

Ans: The release date for India is not specified, but the Apple Vision Pro Price in India is expected to be ₹2,88,700.

3. Can you play games with Apple Vision Pro?

Ans: Yes, Apple Vision Pro supports gaming, and Apple is creating specific games for the device, taking advantage of its technology.

4. How much is Apple Vision Pro in India?

Ans: The expected starting price of Apple Vision Pro in India is ₹2,88,700.

5. Why is Vision Pro so expensive?

Ans: The high cost of Apple Vision Pro is attributed to its advanced technology and design, representing decades of experience in creating high-performance devices.

6. Who designed Apple Vision Pro?

Ans: Apple Vision Pro is designed by Apple, drawing on decades of experience in creating high-performance mobile and wearable devices.

7. How heavy is Apple Vision Pro?

Ans: The weight of Apple Vision Pro ranges from approximately 453g to 680g.

Wrapping Up

In the end, the features of Apple Vision Pro are something that’s worth all the wait and hype. With these features, it is surely going to change the tech world for good. And with the high-resolution display and amazing control capabilities.

The future is bright for this new gadget as in the future we can expect some more App integrations specially made for the Apple Vision Pro. Let me know what you think about this gadget and your expectations with it in the comment section below. I would love to hear it from you!

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  • As it comes with a revamped version of already existing VR headsets in the market, here is the writeup to throw light on much anticipated Apple Vision Pro features.
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