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Best Watch Faces For Smartwatch That Will Make It Look Cool And Chic!


Learn the best Watch Faces for Smartwatch to enhance your smartwatch feel and make it look cool and chic.

- Updated: 11th Jan 2024, 18:02 IST
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    Best Watch Faces For Smartwatch
    • Best Watch Faces For Samsung Smartwatch
    • Best Watch Faces For Apple Watch
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    Wrapping Up

Are you on the lookout for the best watch faces for smartwatch? This article is your answer! If you look at the Play Store or the Apple Store, you will find so many options for different watch faces. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. We’ve got the coolest, most stylish, and most functional watch faces ready for you to check out and rock on your smartwatch.

You can find watch faces for Samsung, Google Pixel, and Apple Devices. Additionally, we will also tell you how to explore more options for your smartwatch to switch between different watch faces easily. Let’s get started!

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Best Watch Faces For Smartwatch

Choosing the right face for your smartwatch is like picking the perfect accessory—it’s all about your style and what makes you feel awesome. All the watch faces cater to different preferences, including fitness, analogue designs, health-related stats, informative faces, sports-themed faces, etc. Don’t forget to look around the app stores like Google Play or Facer for even more options.

Best Watch Faces For Samsung Smartwatch

best watch faces for smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatches stand out when it comes to innovative designs and features. But they also have their own place in the market when it comes to watch faces. Samsung users have always enjoyed a diverse ecosystem of pre-designed watch faces and the ability to implement new ones as well. Here are the Top five watch faces for Samsung smartwatch:

S.No.Watch FaceFeatures and StylesLink
1Daily ActivityDisplays a huge number that shows the time and three colourful tracks that change as you achieve your fitness goals.Check Here
2Sleep Coaching Watch FaceIt helps you keep track of your sleep and gives tips to improve it. Check Here
3Fluid Watch FaceAnimates like fluid whenever you tap on it or when the time and minute changes.Check Here
4Funny FacesAdding an element of Cuteness to your watch screen.Check Here
5Samsung Photo StickerIt lets you add your favourite photo from the gallery to the watch screen.Check Here

If you own a Samsung smartwatch, these watch faces are a treat to the eyes. Make sure to try them out.

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Best Watch Faces For Apple Watch

best watch faces for smartwatch
Watch FaceFeatures and Styles
SnoopyFun and whimsical featuring Peanuts characters
Infograph ModularHighly customizable with multiple complications
CaliforniaClassic design with Roman numerals and simplicity
MemojiPersonalized custom avatar display
SimpleMinimalist and uncluttered appearance

Wondering how to get these? To set any watch face as your Apple Watch face, start by holding your current face and swiping left until you see a plus (+) symbol. Tap it and select “New Watch Faces.” Search for a watch face and add it. Once added, use the Digital Crown to pick a style and swipe left to choose a colour. Press the crown to save your changes. Tap on the desired watch face, and there you go—your new Apple Watch face is ready to rock your wrist!

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Best Watch Faces For Google Pixel Smartwatch

best watch faces for smartwatch
Watch FaceFeatures and DescriptionLink
MonospacePlayful face with stylish color combinations and customizable complicationsCheck Here
DADAM32Sleek and modern design tailored for the Pixel Watch 2Check Here
RotateUnique rotating design adding personalization to your watchCheck Here
ACRO Spac2Futuristic watch face with a space-themed aestheticCheck Here
WaveVisually appealing face for personalized smartwatch aestheticsCheck Here

The Pixel Watch 2 offers a range of diverse and stylish watch faces catering to various preferences. From the playful Monospace, boasting stylish colour combos and customizable complications, to the sleek and tailored DADAM32 designed specifically for Pixel Watch 2, these faces bring uniqueness to your wrist. Rotate adds a personal touch with its unique rotating design, while ACRO Spac2 takes a futuristic leap with its space-themed aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Wave stands out with its visually appealing, personalized smartwatch aesthetics. Each face brings a distinctive flair to the Pixel Watch 2, ensuring users can find a face that perfectly suits their style and preferences.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to the best Watch Faces for Smartwatch, it’s more than just watch faces; it’s a statement that you will make with your watch. All these watch faces are designed to help you express yourself to those around you. There are plenty of options to choose from for Samsung, Apple, and Google Pixel smartwatches.

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Samsung has the best faces when it comes to functionality and design. Meanwhile, Apple Watch wearers can jazz up their wrists with playful characters like Snoopy. You can also opt for the classic simplicity of California. As for Pixel Watch users, the diversity is mind-blowing—from the playful Monospace to the sleek DADAM32 and the futuristic ACRO Spac2. Getting these watch faces on your wrist is as easy as a few taps and swipes.

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