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How To Get 100GB Free Google Photos Storage?


Are you trying to find out how to get 100 GB free Google Photos storage? Well, it’s possible at no extra cost! If you want to know the two special options, head to the article to know more about it.

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 22:05 IST
  • 1
    Understanding The Google Photos Services
  • 2
    How To Get 100GB Free Google Photos Storage: Your Options!
    • Option One: Promotional Offers for Free Storage
    • Option Two: Upgrading To Google One Subscription
  • 3
    Additional Tips To Free Up Space!
  • 4
    Summarizing It
  • 5
    • How to get 100 GB free on Google Photos?
    • Is Google giving free 100GB data?
    • How to get more than 100 GB of Google storage?
    • Is Google giving 1 1TB free?
    • How can I free up storage without paying?

Are you in dire need and figuring out how to get 100GB free Google Photos storage? Every Google Account comes with a standard 15GB of cloud storage, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. However, it is never enough when you are a photographic enthusiast, or you just love keeping memories. So, for those looking to expand their storage without breaking the bank, there are ways to secure an additional free storage space on Google Photos storage.

In this article, we will ride through various options to decode how to get 100GB of free Google Photos storage. But before that, let’s first get a glimpse of the Google Photos Features and plans.

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Understanding The Google Photos Services

Google Photos is a cloud-based service designed for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos. Offering a range of features, including automatic backup, intuitive photo editing, and the creation of albums and collages, Google Photos stands out for its user-friendly functionalities.

A standout feature of Google Photos is its powerful search functionality. Thanks to the optical character recognition technology, the platform can recognize words within photos, facilitating easy and efficient searches for specific images.

With all those highly useful features, we are bound to use Google Photos more often than not. While Google Photos provides a generous 15GB of free storage, it’s never enough as we keep building our online album over the years. Users with extensive media libraries may find it beneficial to explore subscription options through Google One.

The table below shows a clear view of the available plans.

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
100GBINR 130INR 1,300
200GBINR 210INR 2,100
2TBINR 650INR 6,500
Google Photos Plans

These plans come with several added benefits, like gaining access to Google experts, extra member benefits, and enhanced Google Photos editing features. However, as you know, they aren’t free.

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How To Get 100GB Free Google Photos Storage: Your Options!

Coming to the fact that you don’t really have to pay that amount only if you choose smartly. There are two major options you can explore when looking for some free extra storage for your precious photos. Let’s discuss those right now!

Option One: Promotional Offers for Free Storage

To get an additional 100GB of free Google Photos storage, take advantage of Google’s special promotions. Periodically, Google offers promotions that grant users extra storage space. One such promotion involves activating the 100GB free storage with a Chromebook.

Google’s long-term promotion allows users to enjoy an additional 100GB of free storage by following a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Promotion Website: Using your Chromebook’s Chrome browser, navigate to Perks.
  2. Redeem the Promotion: Ensure that you’re using a Google account without an active Google One subscription. Click on the “Get perk” button under the Google One section.
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions: A pop-up will appear with terms and conditions. Read and accept them by clicking the “Continue” button.
  4. Check for Eligibility: Initiate a verification process to confirm if your Chromebook qualifies for the promotion. Click “Allow” to start the verification.
  5. Success: After the verification, you’ll be notified if your Chromebook qualifies. If successful, you can start using the 100GB of free Google Photos storage.

It’s important to note that this offer is for first-time users of Google One. It typically provides 100GB of free cloud storage for 12 months and may require a Google Payments account. Be sure to redeem the offer before the specified expiration date, as outlined in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

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Option Two: Upgrading To Google One Subscription

Another option to secure 100GB of free Google Photos storage is by upgrading to a paid Google One monthly subscription. This not only increases your total storage but also unlocks extra member benefits and access to Google experts—a package shareable with your family. In this way, your whole family can benefit from the same plan and get things going seamlessly and in a hassle-free manner.

Additional Tips To Free Up Space!

Apart from promotions and subscriptions, consider exploring other methods to enhance your Google Drive storage for free. Actions like deleting unimportant files, freeing up photo storage space, blurry photos or duplicate ones and cleaning up Gmail spam or trash can contribute to optimizing your available storage.

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Summarizing It

In summary, discovering how to get 100GB of free Google Photos storage is pretty simple. Users can either capitalize on Google’s promotions or opt for a Google One subscription to effortlessly enhance their storage capacity. Get all at cost at all!

By following the steps provided and considering alternative strategies to maximize free storage space, users can seize the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of expanded storage and other advantages that come with Google Photos! Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on special offers, act promptly, and enjoy the benefits of expanded storage for your digital content.

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How to get 100 GB free on Google Photos?

Google provides a promotional offer where users can enjoy 100GB of free Google Drive space for a duration of 2 years by default. Alternatively, upon purchasing a Chromebook, users are entitled to receive Google One with a complimentary 100GB storage space for a year. It’s important to note that the storage allocation won’t be automatically provided upon purchasing the Chromebook.

Is Google giving free 100GB data?

Yes, new Chromebook models include a complimentary 100GB storage capacity on Google One for a year. This offer proves particularly beneficial for users with Chromebooks having limited internal storage.

How to get more than 100 GB of Google storage?

To increase your Google storage capacity, follow these steps: Sign in to your Google Account and visit on your computer. Click on “Upgrade” and select your desired storage limit. Review the new plan prices and payment date, then click “Subscribe” to confirm your Google One plan.

Is Google giving 1 1TB free?

While all Google Drive users receive 15 gigabytes of free storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, GFiber residential customers on plans of 1 Gig or faster receive an additional one terabyte of storage space at no extra cost.

How can I free up storage without paying?

To free up storage space without spending, consider these steps: Close unresponsive apps and uninstall unused ones. Additionally, clear the cache and data of apps through your phone’s Settings app under the “Storage” or “Apps” section.

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