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What Is Google Arcade Swags? Know Prices, Earn Points, And More!


Discover Google Arcade Swags—earn points for prizes by learning tech skills. Redeem points at the Prize Counter for exclusive Google Cloud merchandise!

- Updated: 22nd Dec 2023, 09:44 IST
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    What Is Google Arcade?
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    How To Earn Google Arcade Swags?
    • The Process!
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    Exciting Things To Know About Google Arcade Swags!
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    Wrapping Up

Everybody likes a reward! That’s especially true when it’s the Google Arcade Swags! It’s an excellent opportunity for you to get some cool stuff called Swags from the Google Arcade Points, which you will get.

Google Arcade December 2023 Prize Counter is Coming Soon! The prize counter opens in the last week of December 2023. Remember, only Arcade points earned on or before December 20, 2023, count for prizes. But it’s okay if you have missed that; you can always join back in January 2024 of the Google Arcade Swags!

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What Is Google Arcade?

Google Arcade is an excellent way to earn points, learn new skills, and get fantastic prizes. It’s a journey worth exploring if you are into learning new things in life-related to technology. This requires No prior skills because Google has made learning fun with the Google Arcade.

With Google Arcade, you can improve your skills in techs like BigQuery, Looker, Kubernetes, Vertex AI, and much more! As you grow on this journey, you’ll earn excellent digital badges. This will be the collection of fantastic learning you have made along the way.

What’s more interesting is that you will also get some points with every three badges you earn. Later, these points can be redeemed with prizes in the Google Arcade Swags. As Google says, “The more you learn, the more Google arcade points you earn.”

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How To Earn Google Arcade Swags?

You must complete skills or different levels on the Google Arcade for this. In return, you will earn badges. For every three badges you get, you will receive one point. For every six badges, you will receive two points, and so on. Once you earn points, you have to keep an eye on the prize announcements.

The Prize window opens for specific times, so awareness is the key here. Once you know that the prize window is open, you can go to the store and redeem your points for Google Arcade Swags. This is your sure-shot ticket to earn some fabulous merchandise or products from Google Cloud. If you are wondering about the cost of Google Arcade, know there is no cost to participate in the Google Arcade and get swags.

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The Process!

Here’s to put it in simple terms:

  1. Subscribe: Get emails about prizes and codes.
  2.  Join Skills Boost: No new account is needed if you’re already in.
  3.  Play and Learn: Start with level one and earn badges and points.
  4.  Enroll in Badges: They’ll help you finish tasks for more points.
  5.  REDEEM: Use points at the prize counter. Check past prizes there.

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Exciting Things To Know About Google Arcade Swags!

Now let’s explore some cool things about the Google Arcade Swags that will clear all your doubts:

Is there any difference between the Arcade Facilitator and Google Arcade? 

No difference. The Facilitator Program offers complete access to Google Cloud Skills Boost. Joining helps earn Bonus Arcade Points after hitting different milestones.

How Many Badges Would I Need To Earn One Point?

You’ll need at least 3 Skill Badges to earn one point.

How To Redeem The Prizes?

Activate your Arcade account, complete labs, earn badges, and when the counter opens, use points for swag.

How To Get Google Cloud Swag?

Complete the entire series of Google Workspace or Google Cloud Digital Leader Training courses listed below. The first 200 students who finish these courses qualify for free swag from Google.

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, Google Arcade Swags are a great way to earn fantastic rewards and learn new skills. Remember, prizes can only be claimed when the prize counter opens, so stay updated for the announcement of opening dates. Ensure you have subscribed to the Arcade to redeem your points for the swags.

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Subscribe, learn, earn badges, and redeem your points at the prize counter for Google Arcade Swags. Remember, participation in Google Arcade is free and opens doors to Google Cloud merchandise. So, stay updated, subscribe, and get ready for fantastic rewards!

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Highlights of the Story

  • Google Arcade Swags offers rewards via points earned from learning tech skills.
  • The Prize Counter opens for prize redemption at the month’s end.
  • No cost to participate, learn, earn badges, and redeem for Google Cloud merchandise.