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    5 Best Barcode Printers In India January 2023


    Running a business and want to reach utmost efficiency? A barcode printer is a must-have then, and we have listed the best such printers here!

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 9th Jan 2023 17:36 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Best Barcode Printers In India – Top 5 List
      • 1. Everycom EC-801 Thermal Printer
      • 2. ATPOS 58MM H-58BT Thermal Receipt Printer
      • 3. F2C CX583 Thermal Receipt Printer
      • 4. Hoin H58 Thermal Receipt Printer
      • 5. Cysno 5890K Thermal Printer
    • 2
      Best Barcode Printers In India – Final Thoughts

    Highlights of the Story

    • Barcode printers are thermal technology-based printers that are used to keep track of products.
    • These are essential items to have when running a business.
    • In this article, we have listed the best barcode printer options you can buy in India right now.

    Running a business is not an easy task, but certain tools make managing it simpler. Barcode printers are one such must-have business accessory to make use of! Believe it or not, these barcode printers play such an important role in your everyday life. No matter what you buy, getting a receipt for it is a must.

    This allows you to easily claim an item’s return or replacement in case you don’t like it or receive a defective product. Now, this is just not possible without a barcode printer printing out the receipt.

    Barcodes are of paramount importance in the realm of data collection. They are a life saver in the supply chain and management sector. Besides, without products having unique barcodes assigned to them, it is impossible to keep track of them. Moreover, did you know that the QR codes you scan are also a form of barcode?

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    Best Barcode Printers In India – Top 5 List

    With so many different utilities, it is understandable why you are on the lookout for barcode printers. These printers will definitely take your business to the next level. So, without any further ado, here’s a quick look at the best receipt printers to buy in India:

    1. Everycom EC-801 Thermal Printer

    The first entry on our list is going to be the Everycom EC-801 Thermal Printer. Now, this monochrome printer offers an insane printing speed of 300mm/s. Additionally, it also comes with an in-built cutter. Moreover, this particular printer offers 80mm printouts, which is great.

    This allows you to cut the barcode or receipt printout efficiently. Moreover, this barcode printer is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. Overall, this is easily one of the best barcode printers to purchase in India right now!

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    Compatible with a lot of platformsExpensive
    Super fast
    80mm printouts

    Price in India: Rs. 6,999

    Buy on Amazon

    2. ATPOS 58MM H-58BT Thermal Receipt Printer

    Next up, we have the ATPOS 58MM H-58BT Thermal Receipt Printer. This particular receipt printer offers 58mm printouts. Moreover, it offers a printing speed of 120 ppm, which is good enough. Moreover, this particular printer does not pack a battery.

    So, you will basically have to put it on charge and carry out your transactions. This is one of the most affordable barcode printers on the market today and something that totally deserves your attention!

    Good printing speedNone

    Price in India: Rs. 2,699

    Buy on Amazon

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    3. F2C CX583 Thermal Receipt Printer

    The F2C CX583 is an amazing barcode printer that brings a ton of utilities to the table. The one thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery. What this basically means is that if you are on constantly on the move, there is nothing to worry about.

    It doesn’t require you to keep it plugged in to use it. The 1500mAh battery offers adequate battery backup for you to go wire-less with your transactions. Definitely, one of the best barcode printers to get your hands on in India.

    Doesn’t need to be plugged inNone as such
    Decent printing speed
    Great battery backup

    Price in India: Rs. 2,599

    Buy on Amazon

    Buy on Flipkart

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    4. Hoin H58 Thermal Receipt Printer

    Next, we have the Hoin H58 Thermal Receipt Printer which brings 58mm printouts to the table. Along with this, this barcode printer offers a printing speed of 90 ppm. Besides, this particular printer comes in a plug-and-play format. So, there is not a whole lot of setting up that needs to be done here. It is ready to use right out of the box for the most part.

    AffordableNot the fastest
    Easy to use

    Price in India: Rs. 2,449

    Buy on Flipkart

    5. Cysno 5890K Thermal Printer

    If you are on a very tight budget and do not really want to spend a whole lot on a barcode printer, the Cysno 5890K Thermal Printer is for you. Not only is this one of the most affordable receipt printers out there, but also packs quite the features.

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    The 5890K is a BIS-certified KIOSK printer that also comes with 2 free rolls for you to make use of. In addition, the brand also offers a 1 year warranty if things go sideways with your product purchase. Definitely, one of the most value-for-money barcode printers in India in 2022.

    2 free rollsNone
    KIOSK support

    Price in India: Rs. 2,199

    Buy on Amazon

    Best Barcode Printers In India – Final Thoughts

    So, this was our list of the best barcode printers to buy in India. All the printers mentioned on this list are solid options. So, you can go for either of them and not regret your decision. Ultimately, the sole purpose of making inventory organisation and management more fluid is going to be a success with these.

    Besides, they come in all sorts of prices. So, we picked the best ones from each price category to make it easier for you to choose. We hope this list comes in handy and helps make your buying decision easier!

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